Peaking in

I can't seem to fully leave this little virtual space of mine!

It's funny: when I began blogging, I was eager for an audience, eager for responses, eager to share my life's happenings. But in the nine (nine!) years since I wrote my first post, so much has changed. I've become much more private. I don't post much online anymore, anxious to keep what's mine, mine, but for the occasional Instagram picture of my cats. But I like being able to come back here and read what I've written, how I thought, what I was doing...so here's a little update :)

I'm at Yale now, starting to find my sea legs after a whirlwind first few weeks. I'm balancing feeling so, so, so, so (did I mention so?) so exhausted with being in school and taking exams and writing papers with the sheer joy I get from learning and being immersed in what I want to be doing — finally. The good far outweighs the stressful. I'm here, I'm doing it: studying to become a midwife, a women's health nurse practitioner, learning hand maneuvers for pelvic exams and the intricate pathways of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis. It's amazing.

Of course, right now I'm procrastinating. I have two exams this coming Monday, and two papers due after that. I should be studying, researching, analyzing — but it's been nice, sitting here in the library, thinking about coming back to this space here and writing a bit. I'll leave with a picture of (what else) my cats, brothers I brought home in June, who have filled my time and life with happiness and black fur.

Moses and Ira


Erin said...

I'm not actively blogging either, but it's fun to see your pop up in my feed. What program are you doing at Yale? I have a friend in the GEPN (I think) program.

Erin said...


The Nanny said...

Erin — it's good to hear from you! What a small world. I'm in midwifery/women's health. What specialty is your friend in? If she's in GEPN, I'm a year ahead of her.

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