sNOw more, thanks.

I'm back in New England, cuddled up in my cozy bed in our cozy house in Connecticut. Apparently we're about to be dumped with snow — most everything is canceled for tomorrow, and there's already been a Snow Emergency declared (I added the capital letters for emphasis because SNOW! EMERGENCY!). (Which means you can only park on the even side of the street, which means I didn't get to go to the grocery store after work because I wanted to rush home to find a place to park, which means I'll be weathering this storm with clementines, almond butter, hummus, and spinach in the fridge, OH BOY.)

I tell you: six winters in New England and I'm finally getting used to things. And actually kind of liking it. Though for the love of god don't remind me I said that tomorrow morning when I'm shoveling my car out and hating the world.

Tucker's super excited at the possibility that we'll be snowed in together. I can see the love in his eyes.