Building sandcastles

Twice last week I came home from work, beelined for the bathtub, climbed in — shoes and all — and let the water wash the sandbox out of my flats.  Those were two very good days.

It seems like mid-April is marking the beginnings of spring around here — tiny buds on the trees, green shoots sticking out of the ground, and one morning spent planting tiny peas in the ground with Cait, chanting, "Grow, peas, grow!" while we dug and sewed and buried. The middle of April. Welcome, spring, we have missed you something fierce.

Warmer weather means we get to stay outside longer with the kids (hooray!). Warmer weather means phasing out of the boots-snowpants-gloves-jacket-hat routine for every. single. child. before every. single. time. outside. Warmer weather means sunshine and sandals and short sleeves and oh, sweet jeebus, LET IT BE 90 DEGREES NOW!

It's been a very long winter.

With this spring coming, I feel like I'm stretching out my mind and body in this still-new place, hearing my joints crackle and pop as I continue to settle into New Haven. I ordered new lavender curtains for my bedroom this morning in an ongoing attempt to make my room more me, and exchanged my flannel bedsheets for cotton. I'm going to school and going to work, occasionally going on dates and going out with friends. I'm settling, here, and it feels pretty good.

So, is this adulthood?

I turned 24 a little over a month ago. That's a number that a younger me thought of as ADULT. That blows my mind. Frequently. My younger self had a million and one plans that I wanted to have accomplished by age 24 — namely, having forsaken college in favor of marrying young and popping out babies. And while I sometimes (frequently) wish that had been the path I somehow would've taken, I didn't, and there's no use dwelling on it.

Instead, I am here, one degree under my belt and another about to be started — I'll apply for nursing school this fall. With fingers crossed and lots of luck, I'll have my RN in 2016. I've got no babies of my own, but I've got a slew of gorgeous little ones on whom I get to lavish love, affection, and occasional (well, frequent) redirection every day. I don't have a spouse, but I have an incredible network of friends who buoy me and give me rides when my car breaks down and who come over late at night when I'm alone and sad, just to talk. I am truly lucky.

It may not look like what I had planned. But if this is adulthood, then I'll take it. Here's to a continued spring — of warmer weather, happier days, and lots and lots of sandcastles.


Leanne Johnston said...

This is a gorgeous post. At 24 I felt much the same. I will be 31 next week and life looks very different than 7 years ago. I have a masters degree, a fantastic job, a gorgeous husband and a messy and joyful 15 month old son. Some of my dreams changed and some took longer than I thought. Enjoy life where you are - its the only key to happiness.

fourth st payphone said...

I miss you so much! I'm glad things are going well! We are so excited with this warm weather too :)

John Wilson said...

yeah! spring! we have missed you very much! come to us please:)

thank's author:)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post.