Popping in

I'm not quite sure why I never blog anymore. I think about it often — and always feel a tug of guilt for not posting as often (or, let's be honest, really at all). But as I'm approaching my 5-year blog anniversary, I wanted to dust things off once again.

It's incredible to see how different my life is than it was back in September 2007. I was a full-time nanny for my sweet girls A and E, and living at home. I'd graduated high school, but hadn't decided whether or not I wanted to go to college (though I'd applied and been accepted to my dream school).

Fast forward to today, and I'm living in the first floor of a sweet little house in Connecticut with my best friend, two crazy cats, and Severus the betta fish. (Can we just talk about how Connecticut was high on the list of places I NEVER thought I'd live?!) I have a bachelor's degree in journalism from the aforementioned dream school, and I'm starting to take pre-reqs for nursing school in just a few weeks.

I mean. What?

I truly never could have imagined being here five years ago. And it makes me wonder where I'll be five years from now — hopefully an RN on my way to midwifery school. Hopefully a mom, somehow. Hopefully still with my best friend, two crazy cats, and Severus the betta fish. (Um, well, perhaps Sev will have swum on to bluer waters by then...)

In the meantime, I'm happy, healthy, and wishing you all the same. Hopefully I'll be back on here writing sooner rather than later, but...you never know. :)

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Caitlin said...

Yay! I'm glad things are going great! We miss you over here