The Cat Tour

Lucy and Tucker wanted to show off (some of) the new house. So...here is (some of) the new house, from Tucker and Lucy's perspectives.

The first day we moved in. Tucker's checking out the new neighbors. Lucy is checking out Cait's toes.

Here's a snippet of our office/study — focused on the most important part, Tucker's red cat cube. Duh.

Lucy's favorite part of the house, the bathtub. Though she DOES NOT LIKE IT WHEN IT IS FULL AT ALL. AT ALL.

The room with Tucker's throne (aka the living room).

Lucy's other favorite room — the kitchen. She would like for you to know that her favorite food is butter. Followed closely by pasta. Followed closely by anything else. Please send Lucy food.

More pictures to come!



It was heartbreaking saying goodbye to Clara and Lulu when I moved from Boston. I was crying, hard, and Clara, in her sweet 22-month-old attempt to figure out what was going on, pulled back from my tight hug, pointed her finger at the tears dripping down my cheek, and said, "Nass." Nass means 'wet' in German.

"Yes," I told her, nodding. "Nass. Nass because Hallie is so sad to leave you."

I was. I went back to my apartment and reunited with Cait, who'd said goodbye to her sweet girls that same day. We cried and cried that night, devastated to leave "our" babies.

Nannying is like that. You love these babies so, so incredibly much. But they're never yours — you always have to give them back. And, at some point, you always have to move on. As much as it hurts, you always have to say goodbye.

In this case, though, this goodbye was also a hello: I left one job and one life, and began a journey toward another. Cait and I traveled in July — first to Texas, than to New York — and then at the very end of the month packed up all our stuff, the two cats and Severus the beta fish, and drove to our new life in New Haven, CT.

Cait arrived here to go to Yale. I arrived here on a leap of faith. I had my bachelor's degree in hand, no job, rent to pay, and tuition for the two classes I'd signed up to go to at a community college. I sent out a flurry of resumes, landed myself a job a few weeks later, and here I am, the week before both my classes and my new job start, in my new home.

This semester I'm taking a basic biology class and an intermediate algebra class. I'm stretching myself back to my high school roots (though lord help me to do better now than I did when I was 15), and knocking a few pre-reqs for nursing school out of the way. Biology. Math. Lord help me lord help me lord help me.

My new job is at a nursery school a town over. I'm a co-teacher in a class of 12 toddlers. It's exciting, scary, radically different than nannying, but also very much the same. I have twelve kids to love on, but I also have lots of new rules to get used to (hello, I have to put on a pair of gloves every time I wipe a kid's nose. Which is constantly). But it's a wonderful school, very play-focused, and especially passionate about sensory and art experiences for the kids. I feel so lucky to be given the chance to teach there...but oy lordy, I'm skeered!

We've been in New Haven for 27 days now. Nearly a month. We've set up a cozy house, and I love being able to stretch out a bit in a bigger place. Our neighborhood is adorable, the cats love it here, the fish is doing swimmingly (lolol), and I'm happier and more relaxed than I have been in a long time. So life? It's pretty good.

Or at least it will be for another 10 days...at which point I go to my first math class. HELP.


Popping in

I'm not quite sure why I never blog anymore. I think about it often — and always feel a tug of guilt for not posting as often (or, let's be honest, really at all). But as I'm approaching my 5-year blog anniversary, I wanted to dust things off once again.

It's incredible to see how different my life is than it was back in September 2007. I was a full-time nanny for my sweet girls A and E, and living at home. I'd graduated high school, but hadn't decided whether or not I wanted to go to college (though I'd applied and been accepted to my dream school).

Fast forward to today, and I'm living in the first floor of a sweet little house in Connecticut with my best friend, two crazy cats, and Severus the betta fish. (Can we just talk about how Connecticut was high on the list of places I NEVER thought I'd live?!) I have a bachelor's degree in journalism from the aforementioned dream school, and I'm starting to take pre-reqs for nursing school in just a few weeks.

I mean. What?

I truly never could have imagined being here five years ago. And it makes me wonder where I'll be five years from now — hopefully an RN on my way to midwifery school. Hopefully a mom, somehow. Hopefully still with my best friend, two crazy cats, and Severus the betta fish. (Um, well, perhaps Sev will have swum on to bluer waters by then...)

In the meantime, I'm happy, healthy, and wishing you all the same. Hopefully I'll be back on here writing sooner rather than later, but...you never know. :)