The past 8 months

School is wrapping up (what actually does it mean that I'll be graduating in 15 days?!), and I've been busy with school and school and school and, oh yeah, a sweet little new munchkin at work to love on. Clara's baby sister is here! Y'all, meet Lulu:

Ignore the exhausted nanny, focus on the tiny baby!

The other thing that's been occupying 99.7% of my brain space over, wow, nearly 8 months now, is a project that Cait and I have been doing. Here's her post on it: The Project. After 8 months, we're damn near close to being finished. Oh, you guys, I can't believe it.

At my school, we can design a class of our own to work one-on-one with a professor or a professional in a field in which we're interested. I was lucky enough to take a photojournalism class with a photographer from The Boston Globe during my junior year, and he changed my life. I really wanted to work with him again, so after Cait and I came up with the idea for the project, and he agreed to be my professor for the project, and the journalism department at my school signed off on it, and a million i's were dotted and t's were crossed, it became an official class of mine, to work on this project, for the spring semester.

Well, the spring semester ends this Wednesday. Which means for the past month, Cait and I have been working overtime on the project. In the past month, I've professed my undying love for iMovie, divorced it, remarried it, cheated on it with PhotoShop and flirted with Final Cut Pro, and gone back to iMovie again (the devil you know, and all). And together Cait and I have culled through thousands of pictures and hundreds of hours of audio. It's been gigantic. And last night, we finished our working draft.

Holy crap.

What's next? Well, two other photojournalists from the Globe are going to critique it and offer suggestions. We're going to be showing it around to others, looking for perspectives and opinions from different people, in the next few months. After that? Well...

Possibly a museum exhibit. Or exhibits. At the very least, a website devoted to it. And...possibly a book. A book. A book with my name on it, and Cait's name on it, and my pictures and her words and our combined blood, sweat, and tears (and let's be honest, our vomit). A book.

We're hoping to get it up online with The Boston Globe soon. I'm reaching for The New York Times' lens blog. After that? Who knows. We want it spread far and wide.

Our project is 12.5 minutes long. It's untitled, still pretty rough around the edges, but it's ours, and it's incredible. I couldn't be more proud.

And if/when it is available online/in museums/IN A BOOK/etc., you know I will be screaming the news here first. FINGERS CROSSED.