Cat help please!

First of all, if you guys have been hearing the squealing that has been coming from my apartment the past few days, here's why.

Second of all, this is Lucy:

OMG the cuteness, right? Who knew she could be a gigantic pain in the ass? Good thing she's cute. It's the only thing preventing us from sending her to the onion farm. That, and she's an awesome snuggler when she actually is still.

We're having one problem with Lucy, though — girlfriend is hit-or-miss with the litter box. She pees in there regularly and (we hope) nowhere else. But pooping? Um. In the bathtub, behind the kitchen trash can, and in Cait's bookshelf are favorite places of hers.

The vet advised us to add another litter box — she shares with Cait's cat Tucker, and while we keep it really clean, maybe Lucy is just picky and wants her own? We don't really have space for a second one, so I thought I'd ask Ye Wise Old Intranets if you had any other solutions. When we're home we pop her in the litter box pretty often (she never goes), but we're gone all day long so can't do that very regularly :(

Hellllllllp! We're nannies — we deal with enough poop at our jobs! We don't want to deal with it from our cat too!


Weintribe said...

I've always been told that you should have one more litter box than you have cats :\

Is the box covered? Maybe she's shy?

nanny.sarah said...

you totally need to watch the show called "my cat from hell" its amazing. helps you understand cats in a new way and helps figure out their problems in ways you wouldnt imagine. it is a must see!

Sassy Sarah said...

This sounds gross, but have you put her poop into the litter box and have her smell it in there? Sometimes if you just throw it out, she might think that it's okay to go anywhere she wants.