Let's all suppaht the mathah, okay?

Big changes here in the life of Ye Olde Online Nannye! But really, really good ones. Really good ones.

Nannying with Clara is going great. I'm beyond excited by how much more communicative she's gotten in the past two months! She went through a time period where her sign language exploded, and now her verbal words are too — it's so cool! (Plus, dude, I'm picking up German vocabulary like it's no big deal. Like, I know that "erbsen" means "pea." NBD, y'all.) My favorite thing is that she totally supports my caffeine addiction. Helping me make coffee is her favorite part of the day. When I walk in each morning, she drags me to the kitchen, stands below the coffee pot, and says "UP!" Then she proceeds to pull the grounds and filter out of the cabinet, and instruct me to fill the carafe with water ("AH! AH!"). Then we watch the coffee drip through together. Pure heaven.

Today Cait and I went to a looooong breastfeeding workshop as a part of our doula certifications. Our instructor was this great RN who had the absolute most stereotypical Boston accent ever. Like, the Pahk Yah Cah In Hahvahd Yahd kind of accent. It took every ounce of control I had not to giggle every time she mentioned "suppahting the mathah."

We had to read Dr. Jack Newman's "The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers" for the class. For the record, it's only slightly awkward to be reading it (and looking at pictures of BOOBS) on a crowded subway. I had really mixed feelings about the book over all. I mean, it had great advice in it in terms of helping babies latch, medication information, the importance of skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible, etc. But...he came off (in my opinion) a bit too fanatically.

I'm totally pro-breastfeeding, and I hope to nurse my kids until they want to stop, no matter how old they are. But I felt like Dr. Newman was merciless in making mothers feel awful if, for some reason, breastfeeding didn't work out for them (for WHATEVER the reason). I got really frustrated reading the book, and I know Cait did too. I really appreciated the workshop we went to today with an RN, because she's an internationally certified lactation consultant as well, and extremely pro-breastfeeding, but much more realistic about what kind of issues come up and how difficult it could/would be to overcome them.

One thing that made me really worried, though, was that we talked about breast surgeries potentially impairing breastfeeding, and our teacher mentioned biopsies. I had a biopsy done on my left breast a few years ago. Now I'm paranoid that the surgeon potentially cut milk ducts, which can cause a myriad of problems/infections. Hypochondriac? Me? NO!

Anyway. Bottom line, I'm even more excited by the idea of breastfeeding and helping mothers and babies have great breastfeeding relationships. I know that won't always work out, but I want to do everything I can to help people.

Can I be annoying and ask questions? Have any of you breastfed? How was your experience? Did it work out for you, or if it didn't, why not? (NO JUDGMENT ZONE HERE, fyi.)


Technical question

(How do you know when the butter is done?)

(If you get that, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE.)

So I kind of messed up my blog layout EPICALLY. I wanted a new, different look, and even though I *know* I should NEVER EVER play with the layout of my blog, I got all crazy on my birthday and played with the layout of my blog, and now HALP.

The left sidebar and the header need a whitish box behind them. Because now you can't see them. Anybody know how to help me? Please? Bueller?

Also: when Cait and I were recording my birthday video, we had like seven zillion technology fails between our two computers. I won't tell you how many times we had to record that damn video. LIFE FAIL. But we did have fun dancing to Nicki Minaj.


Confession time: Year V (what?!)

How is this year FIVE of these things? I am getting entirely too old for my own good.

In other news, it was my birthday yesterday! I am now 18 YEARS YOUNG! (Slash...I'm 23. But both my mom and my sister were convinced I was turning 22 yesterday, so now I'm just not sure at all.)

(I was born in 1989. That's all I know for sure. Squeaking by as a child of the '80s fo shizzle!)

Here is the embarrassing birthday video that Cait and I made:

Here are the confession time rules:

1. Post an anonymous comment--of a secret, confession, like, dislike...anything you want. It can be happy and light, it can be deep and depressing. WHATEVER you want.
2. There will be NO judging or cruel comments about anybody else's secrets.

(Year I)
(Year II)
(Year III)
(Year IV)

Happy confessing!


Cat help please!

First of all, if you guys have been hearing the squealing that has been coming from my apartment the past few days, here's why.

Second of all, this is Lucy:

OMG the cuteness, right? Who knew she could be a gigantic pain in the ass? Good thing she's cute. It's the only thing preventing us from sending her to the onion farm. That, and she's an awesome snuggler when she actually is still.

We're having one problem with Lucy, though — girlfriend is hit-or-miss with the litter box. She pees in there regularly and (we hope) nowhere else. But pooping? Um. In the bathtub, behind the kitchen trash can, and in Cait's bookshelf are favorite places of hers.

The vet advised us to add another litter box — she shares with Cait's cat Tucker, and while we keep it really clean, maybe Lucy is just picky and wants her own? We don't really have space for a second one, so I thought I'd ask Ye Wise Old Intranets if you had any other solutions. When we're home we pop her in the litter box pretty often (she never goes), but we're gone all day long so can't do that very regularly :(

Hellllllllp! We're nannies — we deal with enough poop at our jobs! We don't want to deal with it from our cat too!