Oh hi! Remember me?

You guys, I swear I'm still alive and functioning. And sweet jeebus, I know I haven't written in ten years but 1) work and 2) work and 3) work and 4) I have to keep up blogs for school and when you have to blog as homework it totally makes you not want to blog at all and 5) WORK.


Seriously. I have amazing happy stories that I got after my last post to put up (I will, I swear, at some point in my lifetime). I have happy news to share with you guys (um hi, my best friend moved to my city and is currently living with me (!!!!) which is. um. just. amazing). In two weeks, I'll have just one semester of college separating me from being a college graduate.


I started this blog before I had even convinced myself to go to college. And now, come May, I will be walking across a stage and they will be handing me a diploma WITH MY NAME ON IT and oh, my goodness, I have to become a real live adult then. WHAT.

• I like bullet points, so let's use those for the rest of the post!

• Update on Pius! You guys, I'm pretty sure this baby hung the moon and the stars and then some. He's almost 8 months old (ALSO WHAT), has two adorable teeth poking through on the bottom, sits up like a champ, is (thankgoodness) nowhere near crawling, and is finally warming up to the idea of baby food. I look forward to seeing him each day, even when he's Mr. Crankypants, because he's just so damn cute. My boy.

• Update on best friend: she's here, she keeps me sane, and she's pretty much the bee's knees.

• Update on my (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) love life: I have a date tomorrow night with a funny boy. Details TBD.

• Update on my mental state: thank god for my therapist.

• Update on this blog: I will be back soon. Promise. Swear. It's been weird not being here this past month and a half. So here I am.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. A nanny post! YAY!

Quick question--how could we possibly have talked by phone today, you told me all about Pius, and yet nothing about funny boy? Is it because Pius is really the most important boy in your life? :):):)

Anyway, welcome back the the blog of yours that I'm allowed to read. It makes me feel closer.