Things I want to remember:

* How my Pi-boy's face absolutely lights up when I walk into the room. How I can't be in the room with him while he's nursing cause all he wants to do is look at me :)

* How his angsty MEURH! cry is morphing into more big boy cries

* How right now, at 5 months and 12 days old, he is laughing belly laughs when I blow raspberries on his feet, is rolling over (if he wants to), is jumping like crazy in his jumparoo, and is thisclose to being able to sit up on his own

* How he laughed for a good 20 minutes the other day, after he sneezed and I said, "well BLESS YOU SIR!" in a high-pitched voice (I said it, he laughed, and then I said it again approximately 234209384 times until he didn't think it was funny anymore)

* How he leans his whole body forward trying to grab the spoon an bowl when I'm feeding him cereal

* How he still loves nothing more than to be wrapped on my chest in the Moby, sleeping

* How putting Bon Iver on the stereo will always quiet him down

This is why I nanny. I get to form amazing bonds with so many little ones. Pius, I love you with my whole heart and then some. I'm so, so lucky to be your nanny.


sustahl said...

You are so fortunate to have a close bond with the little person!

Just me: A beautiful disaster! said...

Awww I've already been missing nannying...you just made me miss it way more!!!

Earth Angel said...

awww!. now i REALLY REALLY miss Nannying, i bet he loves you just as much :).

Brat said...

Also reasons why I love Nannying. I still see the first child I was a nanny for, every single week.. 10 years on the bond is still there.

AussieNanny said...

Aww.. that's so beautiful. It makes me miss the little boy I used to nanny for. I still see him every week.. but I miss his loving!
You sound like a great nanny!