An ode to the Moby wrap

This is C's new baby brother S all snuggled up in the Moby (the pic is taken from a bad angle -- I promise the shoulder strap is nowhere near blocking his nose).

So remember how excited I got when I mastered the Moby? Now I return to the blog to once again profess my love for that magical bundle of fabric.

Oh Moby wrap, I do love you.
You cuddle my babies, and keep them secure too!
You give me two free hands,
which allows me to complete a lot of plans*,

Oh Moby wrap, you've seen me through
Pius' meltdowns and happy long walks too!
I use you to snuggle my babies to sleep
and when they're in you they don't make a peep!**

So, Moby, I've become your number-one fan,
even though with a spitup-y baby it's difficult to keep you spic'n'span.
I'll wear you throughout all my nanny days
because you can be used in so many ways!

*dude. I'm a nanny, not a poetry major. Go easy on my rhyme scheme. I'm just impressed that I know the term rhyme scheme.


All right, I'll stop writing poetry now. But I will leave you with an adorable (and unrelated) video of C!

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Anonymous said...

Love the Ode! AND your funny comments. "C" is precious. I LOVE how she says "HHHHHHah-leee" and"Chah-leeeeee!