Can pour wine, will travel

So I was in NYC a few weeks ago to visit the fabulous Cait, and while I was there, she cooked us a COMPLETELY #winning dinner. Why was it so #winning?

1) It was vegan food that both of us felt comfortable eating
2) Since I can't be trusted not to burn down the kitchen, Cait did all the cooking!

Well, I mean, I helped. If by "helped" I mean "I chose music to listen to and kept our wine glasses full." I'm especially good at the second part of that. See?

Here's the master chef hard at work:

Note Cait's full wineglass. I do my job well.

The finished product: acorn squash brushed with syrup (I think?) and filled with quinoa made with walnuts and onions and dried cherries and olive oil (right, Cait? Ask her if you want the recipe). REGARDLESS, it was the bomb.com.

Note: I'm available to pour wine at any and all gatherings for the low, low price of airfare and wine. Book me now!


Cait said...

Um...the squash is brushed with olive oil before stuffing, NOT syrup. That would just be...weird. Much like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Come home, come home!


Erin said...

A. I think syrup on squash before baking sounds delicious, much like dessert.

B. Do photography and wine go together? And is that legal in the Common? Because imagine a wine filled photography session. I think it should happen this fall.

Anonymous said...

so basically, you and cait are coming to my city for the weekend. and making me this in my oven. and hanging out with me. and wandering around and taking pictures.

the end.

-your sister