Sometimes I shock EVEN MYSELF

So. Remember this tragic day?

(If you're too lazy to click the link, cause let's be honest, I would be, I'll recap: I'm addicted to coffee. And if by "addicted" I mean "I'm pretty sure there's coffee running through my veins, not blood.")

So I started drinking coffee when I was a junior in high school. I think I was around 16, and I needed something to help keep me awake during chapel every morning (yay, going to a religious high school!). Coffee became my best friend. And oh y'all, it was love at first sip.

Now. Coffee is a religious experience for me. Period. I make sure people know this. I'm pretty sure Pius' first words will be "DON'T TOUCH NANNY'S COFFEE!" or "Pius, spilling coffee is a SIN UNTO THE LORD" (complete with arched nanny eyebrow). Nobody comes between me and my coffee.

And I drink it strong, too. Strong, hot, and black. Adding cream or sugar just takes away from COFFEE! I am OFFENDED BY THE VERY SUGGESTION!

Now. I lasted 19 years of my life living in Texas, and three of those I spent drinking HOT coffee. 104 degree day, hot cup of coffee, no big. MAMA NEEDS HER CAFFEINE. And ice cubes just make it watery! NO!


A week ago, this happened:

Can you see that? Can you tell what that is?

Ice. In. My. Coffee.


But you guys, I couldn't take it! I now live in New England where it's supposed to be snowing constantly and we had one week of EPIC heat (and I don't have air conditioning in my apartment) AND I BROKE DOWN! I ICED MY COFFEE! I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT!

(This is coming from the girl who decided on a whim, at age 5, never to eat cheese again. And dammit, 17 years later and I still refuse to eat cheese. For no good reason other than PURE STUBBORNNESS.)

(My parents LOVE having me as a child.)

But guys. I couldn't stand it. No A/C + 104 degrees + OH MY GOD, THE PMS = I put ice cubes in my coffee.

And oh my good sweet lord. Do you know what I discovered? DO YOU?

If you put ice in your coffee, it cools quicker, so you can drink it quicker, so you can have even MORE COFFEE! #WINNING!

*Disclaimer: this post was written after I had LOTS OF COFFEE! (in case you couldn't tell)


Cait said...

I would like to TAKE CREDIT for this change. AHEM. Who else introduced you to the wonders of iced coffee? Hmmm????

Anonymous said...

Hint from equally-caffein-addicted popster: Make it really strong, and the ice makes it nice! cheapo hint #2: at Starbucks (or the like), order a small (short) coddee and a venti cup of ice. Pour the coffee onto the ice, and you have for $1>0 what Starbucks charges $3 for if you ask for an iced coffee.

dmsegel said...

Welcome to the "dark side" !!!!