The life of Pi

So I haven't talked much about Pi on here lately, but rest assured he is DELICIOUS and PERFECT and I'm pretty sure he is the most brilliant baby in the universe.

Stats on Pius:

* he is 3 months old and roughly half as tall as I am. I am not kidding. He is giant.

* he's just starting to laugh. I will literally do anything to make him laugh. I sincerely hope his parents do not have a nannycam or I will be mortified.

* his gross motor skills are improving like crazy. He's gotten really good in the last few weeks at grasping objects and pulling them to his face/head/mouth. My brilliant boy!

* he seriously makes the. funniest. faces. when he gets upset. His whole face scrunches up, his bottom lip LITERALLY quivers, and then he cries. I know we are terrible people and probably scarring him for life, but his mom and I can't stop laughing when he does that.

* when he's royally pissed at the world, he turns into a VERY angsty baby. And he has this cry that sounds like a mixture between MEEHHH and MUUURRRR and ends up sounding kind of like MEURH and my roommates/life twins and I have taken to saying that whenever we think something is ridiculous. Like, all these arguments about the debt ceiling are so MEURH.

* he makes me smile every damn day and I'm just so lucky to be his nanny and to be able to watch him grow. I love this boy so much. <-- completely sappy nanny alert

OH! And I am cultivating his music tastes carefully. We dance to The Beatles, rock to Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, fall asleep to Bon Iver, and pretend to be cultured to Carla Bruni. Boy's gonna love good music if I have anything to do with it.


Cait said...

Crinkle bug! Thank god for gross motor skills that make crinkle bug accessible! Also - MEURH!

dmsegel said...

That is one long(tall?) boy!!

Earth Angel said...

MEURH!. sorry had to say it. This blogpost makes me miss being a nanny!.