I took a photojournalism class this past semester, and for it I had to practice using strobes (flashes) placed strategically around the room.

I *hated* that assignment more than I can say. It felt so unnatural setting up shots. I don't like to do that. I'm not a photographer.

My professor got exasperated with me, and had me re-doing the assignment again and again so I could get comfortable with the equipment. Finally one week, he told me TO GET DRUNK and then use the strobes. Maybe then I would relax and have fun with them!

Erm. Notsomuch. I still hated the assignment. But this is what came out of drunk roommates + camera + BUBBLES!

ali bubbles for blog

My professor was not amused.


Anonymous said...


no but really it is.

-your sister

Lindsey Gee said...

I think this is gorgeous. My sister is really into photography and I'm going to show it to her.

Anonymous said...

Are those the EASTER BUNNY BUBBLES?????


niobe said...

Wow. I lurve this.

Heather said...

Great pic!

dmsegel said...

That is an awesome shot!!

Carla said...

I'd give you an A... very cool picture.