This little girl...

silly charley

...is about to be a big sister!

I've spent the weekend with her, and her mommies are at the hospital RIGHT NOW — we're so excited! ...except maybe not the big-sister-to-be. Here's her reaction to the news that she's getting a baby brother or sister tonight...


Oof. Now THAT is a stink eye if I've ever seen one.

(Good luck to C's mommies! I think it's a boy, C thinks it's a girl, and her mommies don't have any guesses. We'll see soon!)


Sometimes I shock EVEN MYSELF

So. Remember this tragic day?

(If you're too lazy to click the link, cause let's be honest, I would be, I'll recap: I'm addicted to coffee. And if by "addicted" I mean "I'm pretty sure there's coffee running through my veins, not blood.")

So I started drinking coffee when I was a junior in high school. I think I was around 16, and I needed something to help keep me awake during chapel every morning (yay, going to a religious high school!). Coffee became my best friend. And oh y'all, it was love at first sip.

Now. Coffee is a religious experience for me. Period. I make sure people know this. I'm pretty sure Pius' first words will be "DON'T TOUCH NANNY'S COFFEE!" or "Pius, spilling coffee is a SIN UNTO THE LORD" (complete with arched nanny eyebrow). Nobody comes between me and my coffee.

And I drink it strong, too. Strong, hot, and black. Adding cream or sugar just takes away from COFFEE! I am OFFENDED BY THE VERY SUGGESTION!

Now. I lasted 19 years of my life living in Texas, and three of those I spent drinking HOT coffee. 104 degree day, hot cup of coffee, no big. MAMA NEEDS HER CAFFEINE. And ice cubes just make it watery! NO!


A week ago, this happened:

Can you see that? Can you tell what that is?

Ice. In. My. Coffee.


But you guys, I couldn't take it! I now live in New England where it's supposed to be snowing constantly and we had one week of EPIC heat (and I don't have air conditioning in my apartment) AND I BROKE DOWN! I ICED MY COFFEE! I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT!

(This is coming from the girl who decided on a whim, at age 5, never to eat cheese again. And dammit, 17 years later and I still refuse to eat cheese. For no good reason other than PURE STUBBORNNESS.)

(My parents LOVE having me as a child.)

But guys. I couldn't stand it. No A/C + 104 degrees + OH MY GOD, THE PMS = I put ice cubes in my coffee.

And oh my good sweet lord. Do you know what I discovered? DO YOU?

If you put ice in your coffee, it cools quicker, so you can drink it quicker, so you can have even MORE COFFEE! #WINNING!

*Disclaimer: this post was written after I had LOTS OF COFFEE! (in case you couldn't tell)


The life of Pi

So I haven't talked much about Pi on here lately, but rest assured he is DELICIOUS and PERFECT and I'm pretty sure he is the most brilliant baby in the universe.

Stats on Pius:

* he is 3 months old and roughly half as tall as I am. I am not kidding. He is giant.

* he's just starting to laugh. I will literally do anything to make him laugh. I sincerely hope his parents do not have a nannycam or I will be mortified.

* his gross motor skills are improving like crazy. He's gotten really good in the last few weeks at grasping objects and pulling them to his face/head/mouth. My brilliant boy!

* he seriously makes the. funniest. faces. when he gets upset. His whole face scrunches up, his bottom lip LITERALLY quivers, and then he cries. I know we are terrible people and probably scarring him for life, but his mom and I can't stop laughing when he does that.

* when he's royally pissed at the world, he turns into a VERY angsty baby. And he has this cry that sounds like a mixture between MEEHHH and MUUURRRR and ends up sounding kind of like MEURH and my roommates/life twins and I have taken to saying that whenever we think something is ridiculous. Like, all these arguments about the debt ceiling are so MEURH.

* he makes me smile every damn day and I'm just so lucky to be his nanny and to be able to watch him grow. I love this boy so much. <-- completely sappy nanny alert

OH! And I am cultivating his music tastes carefully. We dance to The Beatles, rock to Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, fall asleep to Bon Iver, and pretend to be cultured to Carla Bruni. Boy's gonna love good music if I have anything to do with it.


Harry Potter 7.2

This contains NO SPOILERS about the movie but this is a very accurate representation of how I looked watching the final few seconds of Harry Potter 7.2.



Why I'm the luckiest girl, ever, PART II

I spent the weekend with this girl and it was just lovely. We read, listened to music (this and this song on repeat), went to my favorite little bar in my neighborhood with my roommates, commiserated on life, and had MANY neck hugs.

Last night we revamped her awesome blog and played with her amazing new DSLR (an anniversary present from her fabulous fiancee Alix). There was lots of laughter, a few tears, and just a lot of happy. She wrote this post on her blog about me and I about cried and AH LUFF THIS GIRL.

She writes, I'm calling it now - someday, not long from now, we'll be working together as midwives, catching babies and having our own (I gotta find her a babydaddy) and raising them all in a giant joint-family commune that has a vegetable garden and too many animals and cloth diapers drying on the clothesline outside.

I can't imagine anything more perfect. Now if only I could find that babydaddy...



I took a photojournalism class this past semester, and for it I had to practice using strobes (flashes) placed strategically around the room.

I *hated* that assignment more than I can say. It felt so unnatural setting up shots. I don't like to do that. I'm not a photographer.

My professor got exasperated with me, and had me re-doing the assignment again and again so I could get comfortable with the equipment. Finally one week, he told me TO GET DRUNK and then use the strobes. Maybe then I would relax and have fun with them!

Erm. Notsomuch. I still hated the assignment. But this is what came out of drunk roommates + camera + BUBBLES!

ali bubbles for blog

My professor was not amused.