After 22 years, I discovered I was a twin

(Erm. Not biologically. You can start breathing again, mom and dad. No worries.)

But yeah: I'm pretty positive I've found my platonic soul mate/equal/twin in life. And her name is Cait. And oh, you guys, I love this girl.

Have you ever met someone who you just instantly feel like you know? And that you've known forever? Who you feel this instant crazy connection to? Who is just as weird/crazy/etc. as you are?


Dear lord in heaven, thank you for this girl. She gets me. She's basically me, but taller, and more awesome. She's a nanny in New York City, first of all. That's how she found my blog — a google search on nannies. (THANK YOU GOOGLE!) Second of all, she wants to become a midwife. UM HI. I'M THE NANNY WHO WANTS TO BECOME A MIDWIFE.

Plus she's hilarious, so kind, loving, and sweet. I kind of have an enormous crush on her. But no worries, it's platonic, because I also l-o-v-e LOVE her fiancee, Alix. Who is also awesome, and hilarious, and did I mention awesome?

Guys, I thank the universe every gosh darn day for putting these two girls in my life. And their two fur babies — my surrogate nephews, Rupert (black lab & daschund mix — SERIOUSLY cannot handle the cuteness) and Tucker (cat who enjoys licking my ears and biting me. See also: the only feline I'd ever consider for bestiality. (KIDDING MOM AND DAD!))

Sometimes, the universe gives us a lot of shit. And sometimes, it sends friends like Cait (and Alix) along to redeem itself. TRUTH.

Y'all, I'm calling it now. One day in the near future, you'll see Cait and me in business together. We'll have our own midwifery practice, and we'll catch babies and raise our own babies (Alix has promised to find me a babydaddy) together on a commune out in the boondocks. Y'all, I cannot wait. I smile so big every time I think of what's to come in life.

All right, universe. Well done. And also...can you work it out so that everyone has friends like this?

I wanted a picture with both Rupert and Tucker. Which proved to be impossible, because apparently trying to hold both a dog and a cat at the same time can lead to mild chaos. Alix (on the left) tried to help me corral the beasts, but...we were unsuccessful. Sigh.


Just me: A beautiful disaster! said...

Aww I had a similar situation, but my twin lives across the country!!

Cait said...

Don't ever, ever forget that.

Alix said...

I like you too. You can have a platonic crush on Cait also, I'll allow it just this once. But really I can't speak for our other half, but I think you are special.

The Hoodies said...

I hope you aren't posting because you are having some much fun cuddling that sweet baby boy. Let us know you are alive, please???