Nanny nerd: RIGHT HERE.

So YES, I still have to blog about this past weekend, INCLUDING my new tattoo (!!!) and two truly amazing girls. And I will, I promise, but it's 1:46 a.m. and I need to get to sleep so I'm just throwing this picture up cause y'all. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY.

I was with the baby (who still doesn't have a blog nickname), and I wanted to wear him to put him to sleep. On Monday when I was there, I wore him in a Moby wrap, but his mom helped me put it on (cause hi, they're kinda intimidating). And I have my own Moby wrap that they gave me.

So today I decided I was going to try to get the little guy in there myself. AND I DID IT. ON THE FIRST TRY. LOOK WHO'S MASTERED THE MOBY WRAP. And guess whose baby slept for 2.5 hours in it! SCORE.


Cait said...

Rock star nanny. Wham bam.

Heather said...

You go! I am a third time Mama and I can't even get the stupid Moby on right to this day. Thank goodness for our Mei Tai carriers ;)

I have no idea why, but I keep calling that sweet baby boy, Sprout. I hope you enjoy every minute of that little guy!

Heather said...

I like Sprout too. He is such a cutie and you look good in every picture!