Why I'm the luckiest girl, ever.

So. Remember this?

(Please click on it. You'll need to to understand the rest of this post.)


Today while I was at work, I got a call to come to the front desk. And...this happened. (P.S. I KNOW it's sideways, and I have no clue how to fix it. So, um, just turn your heads? Or your monitors?)

surprise, hallie! from hallie on Vimeo.



Moi said...

That is chock full of win.

Anonymous said...

OK, this made me cry.


Sugar Photography said...

Watching this with Sam. I'm teary, she wants to know why.

One day, she'll know.

Enjoy!!! You have an amazing family :)

Cloe said...
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Anonymous said...

so glad this worked out :)

now if only i could be there too :((

loooove you both,
your sister

Amanda said...

Oh how AWESOME!!!!! You and your family seem to have an AMAZING relationship. That.is.AWESOME. You are so loved!!!! :)

P.S. You look FABULOUS!

Erin said...


Kirsten said...


Abby G said...

Not going to lie...both of those videos made me cry! Love your family!
P.S. Hallie, you look incredible!!