I woke up, looked out the window, and cried

First of all, I still haven't heard about the nanny job. GUH. Though I did have an interview with another family last night — they have an adorable 6-week-old baby boy, but they can't give me as many hours as I'd like. Boo.

Second of all: I have to be honest with you. DreamSchool City's been going crazy the past week talking about the SNOW we were going to get today. Like, SNOW snow. Like, sticks-on-the-ground snow. Like, it's spring, and it's STILL going to snow snow.

Like move me back to Texas NOW PLZ KTHXBAI snow.

And I have to be honest. I (and everyone else here, let's just be serious) was wishing that weather.com, CNN, and the weather app on my iPhone all got together to create an elaborate April Fool's day joke. Cause seriously. Weatherpeople predicting a "nor'easter" on April Fool's day?



But I woke up this morning, looked outside, and there it was: snow. Not tons of it, but the kind of slushy wet snow that's entirely discouraging. And it continued to rain/slush all morning.


Can it be spring yet?!


Anonymous said...

It's spring in Texas! Just finished eating dinner on the porch.

There's always a place for you here.


Angie said...

Us Michiganders are still looking at snow, too. It's horrible-to quote my 12 year old daughter-"it sucks!" It feels like Spring is never going to arrive for some of us. Keep your chin up, Nanny. When I went to the library yesterday I DID see flower shoots in the little flowerbox outside the door. <3