I may have spit up on me but I DON'T CARE

So last semester, I took a photojournalism course. And for our final project, we had to follow something/somebody over a period of time and produce a photoessay. Now, I had just gotten a DLSR and I had no idea what the HECK I was doing with it, but I was like, "OKAY SURE! TAKING PICTURES IS EASY!"




My poor, poor naive self. Taking pictures? Notsoeasy. For serious. But I did have fun, and that's all that matters, right? Especially when you're spending $40,000+ a year on tuition? Fun? Right?

(My dad is reading this, grimacing, and muttering, "She better have learned A WHOLE LOT in that class besides fun for $40,000+ a year. [EXPLETIVE.]")

(Hi dad! I love you!)

Anyway. For my final project, I followed a local family for the last six weeks of their pregnancy, and up to (and after) the birth of their second child. I wanted to focus on the homebirth movement in my state, and they wanted a homebirth! Bingo.

So I essentially tagged along at each of their midwife appointments, went over to see them on weekends, and generally stalked them. They have a 2.5 year old daughter who is just. too. cute. to. move, so I also got some kiddo-lovin' in. It was awesome.

When it came time for Birth Day, I got a call at 7:20 in the morning from the mom, and I hightailed it out to their house. Long story short, she labored at home (and did beautifully, seriously, she's a rockstar) for 11 hours and then had to transfer to the hospital. She had spiked a fever, and it just rose too high for the midwives to feel comfortable for to deliver at home.

But, beautiful baby boy arrived safely (though he caught his mom's infection and had to stay in the hospital for a few days), and I went out a week later to photograph him again. That wrapped up my final project, and I sadly said goodbye to such a sweet family.

Well, last week I got an email from the mom, asking if I wanted to meet at the science museum today to see the kids. Um, YES PLZ SEE YOU THERE KTHXBAI. Also, BABY-LOVIN' TIME YAYYYYY.

And y'all. It was. I just spent the morning at the science museum running around with a 3-year-old and holding a 3-month-old. Y'ALL.

See that smile on my face? 100% genuine. Happiest. Nanny. EVER.

bella, hallie & jackson


Erin O. said...

AWWWW, can they be any cuter?

Amanda said...

Nice you were able to be a part of that!

Is that the "person close to you who gave birth" who you were teasing us with??

Monica H said...

What a cool project and what beautiful children. I'm glad you had that experience.

The Nanny said...

Amanda -- yes :)

Sugar Photography said...


I can't show this to Sam, Ben, and especially not to Coco. They will be so uber-jealous ;)

Miss you girlie!

Squashys Girl said...

hey there! found your blog from Location Central. I'm also from Texas! I love your blog!

Cait said...

I found your blog when I was desperately searching for blogs by nannies since I am a nanny myself, even if just for two years. I love your writing and I'm still working my way through the archives of your blog. If you'd like to check out my blog, I'd love love love more readers. I write about my little pal pretty frequently so you can get some virtual baby lovin'!