It's even too cold to stay in bed!

It's 7:31 a.m., and I just took this screenshot of weather.com for my city:

And now what I'm wondering is, when I started talking about going to school in the northeast, WHY DID YOU ALL NOT STOP ME?

(See also: I'm typing this while wearing gloves. Because BRRR.)


mommymichael said...

lol I am soooooo glad we moved! It's pretty warm over here in the northwest.
I feel your pain though, as I was the one who would end up pregnant and having to shovel the snow so I could get my mail delivered.

Erin O. said...

I'm so agreeing with you. I'm really wanting to move to Chicago, however DC is totally having weather like that right now and I'm not at all agreeing! I went on a date last night and it was in the teens as we were walking back to my car. TEENS!!! EEEk.

But, despite the cold, aren't you LOVING the northeast!!!

The Nanny said...

Erin - yes I am :)