My fave Christmas present

Santa must have known that laundry in my apartment building is $4 a load, and that the machines only take quarters. Score, Santa! Saves me a trip to the bank.


Christmas rush

Decorating the Christmas tree!
christmas rush


Good tidings to you

Merry Christmas, all you wonderful people out in blogland! I'm not on my blog as much as I'd like to anymore, but know that I love each and every one of you (yes, YOU) and am wishing you and yours all the very best.

And, if you're looking for something to renew/validate your faith in humanity, here's what made me all swoony and teary-eyed today:

The Bloggess is the bomb dot com.

Happy holidays!


An Adventure For Sev


Second of all, [COLLAPSE].


So back in September I bought a fish named Severus. And oh y'all. Sev? Is one hell of a diva fish.

He demands to be cleaned EVERY WEEK EXACTLY, or he pouts. And if I don't pay enough attention to him, he sulks. And if I don't let him eat all my ice cream, he refuses to clean his castle. Someone's got a 'tude problem, ladies and gentlemen. But I put up with him because I'm a ridiculously nice person.


When I went home for Thanksgiving break, I put a 7-day fish feeder thingy in his bowl and left him in my apartment. But now I'm going home for Christmas, and they don't make 31-day fish feeder thingies, so I knew I needed to find other arrangements for Sev.

None of my roommates live close enough to take him home, and I didn't think Sev would really like the airplane ride home to Texas, so I set around begging all of my friends and coworkers to PLEASE take my fish please please please!

My friend Kelly suggested that I fill up the bathtub and put like 10 7-day fish feeders in there and hope he lives. I suggested that she shove it. We're such good friends.

Ultimately, one of the guys at work said he'd take Sev over break. So tonight I packed up my boy and transported him ON THE SUBWAY in the FREEZING COLD for 40 minutes to get to this guy's apartment.

SEVERUS. You are more trouble than it's worth, fish. Good thing ah luff yew.

Let me just tell you: clutching a bag full of fish to your chest trying to keep the water warm when it's 20 degrees outside and mumbling, "C'mon, Sevie, stay warm for mommy!" while on the subway gets you a lot of weird looks.

But whatevs. Sev's badass enough to have a castle in his bowl. I don't care what anyone else thinks.


P.S. Here's how I transported him:

P.P.S. This was on the subway this morning. I could not stop giggling. I am a 12-year-old boy.


View from my living room

It's a gloomy day in the northeast. Rainy and cold. Which means I just want to go back to bed instead of working on final projects/photoessays/exams. GUH.


The Feminine Sweater

So once upon a time, my dad had a sweater.

And around our house, it was known as the Feminine Sweater. Because while it's a big, bulky off-white cable knit sweater, on my dad it looked, um, rather feminine.

And oh, we teased him mercilessly about that sweater. Whenever he'd wear it, we'd be all, "Dad! LOVE the Feminine Sweater!" and "Dad! That knitted pattern is so lovely against your skin tone!" and "Dad! American Apparel called! They want their sweater back!"

One time, and I am so not even kidding, my mom, sister and I nominated my dad for What Not To Wear, and the picture we sent in was a picture of him in the Feminine Sweater.

I'm still sad he wasn't picked for the show. I so wanted to attach myself to Stacy's and Clinton's hips and nevereverletgo. Because nothing in life would make me happier than finding out I was their long lost daughter and WHAT'S THIS? A $5,000 VISA GIFT CARD TO SPEND ON CLOTHES? RAWK.


When I left for college ohmylord THREE years ago, I snuck the Feminine Sweater in my suitcase. And I've had it ever since. It's now MY Feminine Sweater, and I wear it all the time because it is SO GOSH DARN COMFORTABLE. Now I understand why my dad wouldn't throw it away.

But yes. It's mine now. And it makes me so happy. See? (this was from freshman year. ZEXAY.)

P.S. My dad does have another feminine sweater. It's maroon. I'm secretly hoping my sister will steal it to take back to college with her when she comes home for Christmas.


I'm only 3+ months late on this...

...but here's my room. BUT.

1) Please ignore my lack of makeup and puffy, swollen face. And exhausted eyes. Y'know, work + school + everything, yadda yadda yadda.

2) Please ignore my weird quiet voice. I was trying to disturb my roommates. The walls here are PAPER THIN which can, um, be awkward at times. *AHEM* roommate to my right, I'm lookin' at you.

3) Please ignore my awkward narration. See #1 and #2. I really shouldn't be doing homework in this state...last night I was going to pull an all-nighter, so I made myself coffee at 9 p.m. and got to work. But then I fell asleep on the couch at like 2 a.m. (COFFEE YOU FAILED ME) and woke up this morning in yesterday's clothes, surrounded by newspapers and drooling everywhere. And now I'm panicking about all the work I still have to do! Is FUN!

4) Please just ignore everything. That's probably best.

5) Except don't ignore Erin!!! Erin, I LOVE my quilt!!!

6) Oh MY is that a flattering picture of myself that starts the video. Mom! Christmas card photo!

ma chambre from hallie on Vimeo.