I wanted gelato!

So when I came home to surprise my mom, I was a mean daughter and videotaped the reaction for posterity. And for you guys :)

So here's the story. The amazing Erin picked me up at the airport (Twitter-turned-in real life friends rock!) picked me up at the airport. My parents were at a Dallas Stars game (my mom had randomly won tickets) and were in the last half of the last quarter when I landed.

I sneaky-texted my dad to get updated on where they were — I wanted to beat them home. Lucky for me, the Stars went into overtime (thanks, Stars!) and Erin got me home in plenty of time.

I ran into the house, was met with an EXPLOSIVELY happy pupster Max and a VERY freaked out uncle (who didn't know I was coming, and who was staying in my bedroom). I threw my luggage into my sister's room and planted myself on the living room couch with my computer to wait for my mom.

About 20 minutes later, my parents got home. My dad came straight into the living room to see me (quietly), but my mom? Oh, she talked to my uncle, she did some laundry, she went into the kitchen, and then into her bedroom....everything BUT go into the living room.

MOTHER. Way to make my surprise reveal difficult. Jeez.

So after waiting forever and a day in the living room, I decided to go into the kitchen, because you can see straight into the kitchen from her bedroom.

And I sat.

And waited.

And this is what happened. (P.S. Turn up your speakers. The audio is a bit quiet.)

(P.P.S. After my dad asks if my mom wants a cookie, she asks if we have any gelato instead. That part is hard to hear.)

(Obviously I have a career in filmmaking and film editing in my future.)

Surprise, mom!


Rachel said...

I have never commented on your blog before but your video today brought tears to my eyes.

So happy you were able to surprise your mom! What a priceless reaction and cherished memory you all have now. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :0)

I actually started a new blog since I SUCKED at keeping up with my old blog. Makes sense right??


Anonymous said...


-your sister (who DID in fact go home for thanksgiving too. but did it matter? NO. they were so excited that YOU were home that they didn't care about me. am i bitter? only slightly.)

Sugar Photography said...

THAT? Was AWESOME! The kids and I just watched it together, and I got teary. Love your little family so, so much.

Amanda said...

Oh that was awesome!!! I got teary eyed too!!! What an awesome way to surprise your mom!!! :)