This is why the internet is a good thing.

Se moved into our apartment about six weeks ago, the people (college kids) who lived here before us left various things behind - a couch, some candles, a few winter coats, etc. Random stuff.

They also left us alcohol in the form of a partially-drunk bottle of Irish cream liqueur and a few beers.

Which, even though they've been in our refrigerator for six weeks now, we've not done anything about. I think we probably just got used to seeing them? And forgot about them?

Until tonight, when we pulled out the bottle of cream liqueur just to check it out. But I was kinda hesitant, because a) we don't know how long it had been open, b) it wasn't ours to begin with, and c) WHAT IF THERE WAS POISON IN IT.

We couldn't decide whether it was sketchy or not. I mean, I thought it was, but two of my lovely and intelligent roommates disagreed. So I did what any rational person would do: asked Twitter for advice!

Here's what I asked (read the bottom one first):


And within like .03 seconds, here's what I got back (read from bottom up):


So I replied:


And then I got (read bottom up):


And this is why I love Twitter. The end.


Anonymous said...


this made me laugh.

-your sister

Lisa said...

But the ironic thing is that alcohol IS poison.... (any kind, fresh or no)which is why so many people vomit when they drink it. Duh