I'm a slave for you guys

No really, I am. Due to the insane number of texts, tweets, comments, and emails about my Brit-Brit video, I oh-so-graciously decided to make you all another video. I'm just so nice.

Er. Actually, I have a midterm tomorrow, and I reeeeeeally don't want to study for it. So I decided that this was a much better use of my time. I'm totally going to make straight A's this semester.


1) No, I don't know the second part of the first verse. BECAUSE I HAVE A LIFE.

2) No, I don't know what to do with my hands. This is why I don't dance, people.

3) Yes, I have glasses. No, I never wear them. Except for late at night when I've been awake for so long that my contacts have turned to shards of glass in my eyes. Is fun!

4) Remind me to post about the sweater I'm wearing in the video. It'll be a good'un.

i want it that way from hallie on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Glad you have a life! : )


Monica H said...

You could totally start your own boy band. ha!

PS.I need to see more of Talking carl :-)

Anonymous said...

I still think you should have gone with N'Sync. A little Bye, Bye, Bye, and you wouldn't have had any problems figuring out what to do with your hands.

I think you were great. I really do, but...the problem with doing a video like this, is that you are always going to be compared to the original.


You need to Branch out. *Ahem*

Also, I think you should tell us about the sweater.


Sugar Photography said...

what akzakly are you singing? from sam weintraub

Sugar Photography said...

how did you sing the song? from been {aka ben}