Disclaimer: this post was written after I had 2 cups of coffee.

So I have a deep, dark secret. And oh lord, I know you all are going to JUDGE ME HARDCORE after you read this post. But I'm going to say it anyway.

I love Britney Spears.

There. I said it. It's out for the world to know.

I haven't always loved her. My parents, bless their hearts, kept Brit-Brit and her fellow teenybopper heathens (*ahem* XTINA) out of my sister's and my lives all throughout our childhood. We were so innocent!

And then I came to college. AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

The most valuable thing I learned my freshman year was the words to Hit Me Baby One More Time. And sophomore year I mastered Oops! I Did It Again. And this year I proudly yell I'M A SLAAAAAAVE! FOR YOU!

(Right now, my parents are reading this and crying. I'm so sorry, mom and dad.)

(Please don't cut me out of your will.)


ANYWAY. Even with my schedule being insane and there being no sleep and lots of work and stress and blah, I still FORCE myself to save a weekend evening for a girl's night. And my roommates and I gather with some of our friends and relax and talk and drink (gasp!) and sing our little hearts out. Any kids of the '90s and '00s reading this? Last night we threw down some Complicated, Sk8er Boi (OH YES), Michelle Branch, Brit-Brit, I Want It That Way...oh, it was glorious.

So here's my embarrassing, fueled-by-two-LARGE-cups-of-coffee present for you, Intranets:

One more time! from hallie on Vimeo.

You're welcome.


P.S. GUESS WHAT! I'm getting free stuff! Once again, I'm working with CSN — I've done a review and two giveaways with them. Time for another review! Obligatory plug: CSN has awesome ottoman coffee table! I'll share what I scored soon! BLOGGING IS AWESOME.


Erin O. said...

Glad to hear that you are still trying to find some fun amidst a crazy college life. Oh, and you should be getting something in the mail next week. Around Tuesday. Just saying!!!

The Nanny said...

Erin — I'm not even kidding. I'm dancing around my living room right now. CANNOT WAIT.

Anonymous said...


-your sister

Anonymous said...

Sob. ( I can't help it) Sob!

Oh-----and what will??? We have a will????


P.S. You can send me vimeo's all day of Brittany as long as it's of you!

Anonymous said...

(i would just like to comment that our own mother spelled britney spears' name wrong...)

love youuuu mom :)

-your favorite daughter

BrownEyedSchemer said...


this is why we're friends. I've figured it out.

singalong time may just have to happen over thanksgiving. for all the world to see LOL

Sugar Photography said...

You are SO SO CUTE.

That may be my favorite internet video of all time. Ever. In the world. (except for the ones of my kids)

I'll see if I can get Sam to do a Hannah Montana back to you. I'll be the one holding the camera. It's safer back there ;)


Bethany said...

WOW! So I went to your other Vimeo videos and looked at a couple of them. They are great! :) I especially loved the walk through your room and your dorm room. That's something I SOOOO wish I had done before I left home and college. Oh well. It's cool that you are documenting that kind of thing. And your pretty funny too! :)