Story time!

Okay, boys and girls! We're going to have story time! Ready? Here we go!

Once upon a time...there were five girls who moved into their first apartment. They were SO EXCITED! They couldn't wait for the independence and space. It was awesome.

So on Wednesday, they moved in. And it was almost 100 degrees outside and they discovered that their apartment had no air conditioning. Whee! So they sweated and they sweated and they nearly melted their house down.

On Thursday night, one of the girls spied a MOUSE running in and out of her room! And all five girls then started squealing and running around and tweeting things like "[EXPLETIVE REDACTED] [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] MICE!!!"

On Friday, their landlord came over with sticky mouse traps. Yum, yum!

On Saturday, their dishwasher broke. The girls had to ROUGH IT washing everything by hand. How terrible!

On Sunday and Monday, one of the girls decided to paint her room. Oh my, WHAT an adventure! Next time she should paint before she moves in furniture, the silly girl. What a life lesson!

On Tuesday, SCHOOL STARTED! Can you say "buried under mountains of homework," boys and girls? GOOD JOB!

On Wednesday, the girls got a new dishwasher from their fantastic landlord.

On Friday, the new dishwasher broke. Back to hand-washing for the girls! Life is SO hard.

On Saturday, their fantastic landlord fixed their new dishwasher. Phew! But on Saturday night, another mouse was spotted. UH OH! And one of the washing machines wouldn't work! And there was the strong (still unknown) smell of something electrical burning!

On Saturday late in the evening, the girls started to wonder if apartment life just wasn't for them. They were pretty discouraged and tired. But then, the Perspective Fairy came to visit!

The Perspective Fairy showed them another friend's apartment. That friend has no dishwasher, mice, and FRUIT FLIES EVERYWHERE. And the girls felt better.

Then the girls opened wine and felt better after that.

Then the girls had fried eggs (for some) and veggie burgers (for others) as a midnight snack and felt ALL BETTER.

Then they all went to bed with visions of sugerplums dancing in their heads. And then woke up on Sunday and realized OH HOLY CRAP HOMEWORK and then they all cried!


*This post is brought to you by I Haven't Slept Much At All Lately, and I Really Should Be Doing Homework So This Is The Best I Can Do Right Now. No Really.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I laughed and laughed! You are such a funny writer!

"The Perspective Fairy." Love it. How do I get he/she to come visit me, too????

Nic said...

You funny! Me laugh. And laugh. Sympathize. And laugh some more.

Anonymous said...

Funny story, but those sticky traps are really mean and the mice that get stuck on them suffer terribly. They actually try to chew off their own legs out of desperation to escape. :( Not a big fan of mice in my house either, but I don't want them to suffer. Maybe you can get some humane catch and release traps instead?

The Nanny said...

Anon #2 - oh my god, that's awful! I had no idea! I'll make sure we take up those traps tonight and we'll get new ones tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know. I don't like mice, but I DON'T want them to suffer :(

erin. said...

This post made me thankful I stayed home for College. I could not deal with the mice. Geesh- you girls are BRAVE! Hopefully there are no mishaps or visiting critters tonight.