Packed purse

So the purse that I carry around is a pretty good size. I'm addicted to big purses. Like, I can't imagine carrying around a smaller one. Where would I hide three changes of clothes JUST IN CASE I ever need them???

Big purses are so not hip right now. My big ol' bag is SO two years ago. But you know what? I WEAR IT PROUDLY. Stop laughing at me.


I'm always curious to know what's in other people's purses. If I show you mine, will you show me yours? Pretty please?

The bag itself is a Chanel knock-off I got in New York back in March. Oh, y'all, if you think the purse is ugly, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT. I almost got kidnapped buying the damn thing. Almost.


Here's what's in my purse today:
• my wallet
• 2 checkbooks (one is from an old bank...I should take that out. Hmm.)
• a mirror
• contact solution and case
• 2 containers of eye drops (huh. should take one of those out, too.)
• strips that take the oily stuff off your face (sexy!)
• today's New York Times
• today's Metro (hey, I'm a journo junkie. OF COURSE I have two newspapers in my purse.)
• a notepad
• my calendar
• my ID and subway pass
• Sasha Fierce, the magical iPhone
• ear buds
• a little pack of gift cards
• 6 dice (gotta entertain myself somehow!)
• lip gloss
• a small notebook
• my water bottle
• change purse

What you didn't see: a quadzillion old receipts that I threw out and lots of spare change.

All in all, not too bad, eh? It used to be heavier. When I nannied, I'd carry around at least one extra diaper, crayons, bottles, snacks, etc. And when I worked for my pimp, there were condoms and a pleather dominatrix suit. KIDDING, mom and dad! Just making sure you were reading!

If you post somewhere about what's in your purse, let me know! I'm nosy!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA condoms and a pleather dominatrix suit.... that made me really laugh for like the first time in a few days.

let's see. i don't carry around a purse in school here, and my dance bag is not not in use cause i can't carry that either. but in my nifty bag that i can carry using my crutches, i have a highliter, two pens, a pencil, a notebook to take notes in all of my classes, my makeup bag, tape for my cast, headphones, one sock (it's been awesome going through half the amount of socks per week because of this cast), my deoderant, my phone, and ...a dirty kleenex.

i'm so interesting.

-your sister

Anonymous said...

Pleather???!?!? What ever happened to good old naugahyde? Kids, these days...


Anonymous said...

Big purses aren't in? Somebody needs to tell that to Cole Haan. lol

I just downsized from a (gift) huge gold purse. Had three huge compartments, and it killed my sister that I was using it as a diaper bag. My mom is carting that beluga whale around now.

Now I'm using a still largish BCBG purse my mom got for cheap cheap thanks to my sister's discount.

It has a crap ton of diapers in it. Extra pants/undies for if the boys have an accident. Powder juice drink (thingies to put in bottle water) for that quick drink on the go.
Ear buds, iphone, wallet, wipes, hand sanitizer, pads just in case..

I think that's it.

Monica H said...

I'm so nosy too and I love to see what kinds of things are kept in purses. Big purses will ALWAYS be in, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

I have a small cosmetic bag, lip gloss, facial blotting tissues, my phone, a bottle of water, a small cookbook :-), my wallet, my eyeglass case (with sunglasses in it) a nail kit, headache meds, tampons, a hair tie, a notbeook, a pen hand lotion, receipts, a MAcy's ad and coupons!

Anonymous said...
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