MUCH better

So I'm sitting in my freshly-painted *very* stinky room. And heaving a sigh of relief that ZOMG THE PAINTING IS DONE and also thinking that I WILL NEVER PAINT ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. Because OY.

Pro tip, y'all: if you're going to paint your bedroom, do it before you've moved all your furniture, books, clothes, and knickknacks in.

Also: if you've just painted a wall, it's probably not the best idea to lean up against it.


BUT. IT IS DONE. THE PAINTING IS FINISHED. My walls are a happy yellow, and this room feels more like home. We're just going to ignore the blotches of yellow on the ceilings and baseboards. And the strips of white around the outlets and bookshelves. 'K? 'K.

One last tip: painting in a dress? Is probably not the smartest idea I've ever had.

I'm so modest.

P.S. It's the first day of school today! 1) WHERE DID SUMMER GO and 2) JUNIOR YEAR I'M SKEERED.


Anonymous said...

Painter popster is very proud!

Monica H said...

I hate painting. It takes forever and if you're a neat freak and OCD like me, it takes even longer. And if you have to touch up the ceiling and the paint doesn't match just right, then it HAS to be painted too. So much work!

Like the yellow :-)