Matty and Bobby kiss

All day today I checked in to watch Matty and Bobby on their quest to break the world's longest continuous kiss record.

AKA they would have to kiss for OVER 32 hours, 7 minutes, and 14 seconds. Straight. With no breaks. Bathroom or otherwise.

They started yesterday morning, and were set to break the record around 8:30 tonight. And around 8:30 tonight, I was on the commuter rail train cursing my spotty internet connection but GLUED to the screen.

Because y'all? They were amazing. Two boys from New Jersey, vowing to kiss continuously for over 32 HOURS in order to raise awareness for LGBTQ issues.

And...they did it. They broke the record. Thousands of people were watching the live feed as they did it. Thousands of people united to support LGBTQs.

I got chills. Change is coming, you guys, I just know it. One day SOON everyone will be allowed to get married, and adopt babies, and hold jobs, and live their lives without fear or discrimination. One day SOON there won't be classifications for sexual orientation and everyone will be able to just love who they WANT to love.

Until that day, I will fight for equal rights for all people on earth. I will fight so that my kids one day won't be afraid to be true to who they really are. I will fight so that this world becomes a more just and fair place for everyone to live.

I hope something changed tonight when two boys broke a world record for the longest continuous kiss. Because as Matty and Bobby's website says, "After years of fighting bigotry and discrimination, it's time to put down our words and demonstrate otherwise. When there's nothing left to say, say it with a kiss."


Anonymous said...


my friends here and i watched it too :)

-your sister

The Nanny said...

Yay :)

P.S. I lost 2 followers after I posted this. Huh.