Coffee me away


Did you know I'm going? What's that? You could tell by the dark circles under my eyes that can now be seen from outer space? GOTCHA.


No really, school is awesome and I love it here so much. It's just thaZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzTHUNK.

OH HELLO, WALL OF EXHAUSTION! I just ran into you!

Yup, the fatigue is here. Hardcore. Which basically means that I have a new boyfriend and his name is The Coffepot.

Oh, y'all.

I'm head-over-heels for the little black machine that serves me legal addictive stimulants every morning. LUFF. EET.

Seriously: here's how I wake up.

• Sasha the magical iPhone's alarm goes off in the form of an old car horn (my roommates LOVE me!): [AROOOOOGA. AROOOOOGA. AROOOOGA.]

• Me: [reach over, grab Sasha, resist throwing her across the room, and set 5 more minutes on the alarm.]

• Sasha's alarm goes off in the form of an old car horn 5 minutes later: [AROOOOOGA. AROOOOOGA. AROOOOGA.]

• I curse the world, sit up, put in my contacts, feed Sev the fish, and stagger to the kitchen. Then I turn on the coffee pot and stand bleary-eyed waiting for it to make. Slash fall asleep at the kitchen table until I hear the three most glorious sounds known to man: beep! beep! beep!


• Then I pour myself a laaarge cup, add an ice cube, take a few sips, and turn into a human being. YAY.

All I'm sayin', y'all, is that if whoever first realized that coffee was a thing and mass-marketed it walked through my door, I'd marry him or her on the spot.

I just hope whoever it is is okay with me also marrying Sasha's white noise app. Cause otherwise things could get AWKWARD.


Packed purse

So the purse that I carry around is a pretty good size. I'm addicted to big purses. Like, I can't imagine carrying around a smaller one. Where would I hide three changes of clothes JUST IN CASE I ever need them???

Big purses are so not hip right now. My big ol' bag is SO two years ago. But you know what? I WEAR IT PROUDLY. Stop laughing at me.


I'm always curious to know what's in other people's purses. If I show you mine, will you show me yours? Pretty please?

The bag itself is a Chanel knock-off I got in New York back in March. Oh, y'all, if you think the purse is ugly, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT. I almost got kidnapped buying the damn thing. Almost.


Here's what's in my purse today:
• my wallet
• 2 checkbooks (one is from an old bank...I should take that out. Hmm.)
• a mirror
• contact solution and case
• 2 containers of eye drops (huh. should take one of those out, too.)
• strips that take the oily stuff off your face (sexy!)
• today's New York Times
• today's Metro (hey, I'm a journo junkie. OF COURSE I have two newspapers in my purse.)
• a notepad
• my calendar
• my ID and subway pass
• Sasha Fierce, the magical iPhone
• ear buds
• a little pack of gift cards
• 6 dice (gotta entertain myself somehow!)
• lip gloss
• a small notebook
• my water bottle
• change purse

What you didn't see: a quadzillion old receipts that I threw out and lots of spare change.

All in all, not too bad, eh? It used to be heavier. When I nannied, I'd carry around at least one extra diaper, crayons, bottles, snacks, etc. And when I worked for my pimp, there were condoms and a pleather dominatrix suit. KIDDING, mom and dad! Just making sure you were reading!

If you post somewhere about what's in your purse, let me know! I'm nosy!


Toys R Us

So for my photojournalism class, I had to take pictures in a cool, fun, place of my choosing.

So...what better place to shoot than a sex toy shop? Especially one that specializes in gothic dom fantasies?

Let me just tell you: it was awesome. Here's the only "appropriate" picture I could show you (that didn't have non-nanny-blog-friendly items in it)...

Edit: Uh, yeah, the picture does have non-nanny-blog-friendly items in it. Oops.

P.S. I *way* overexposed for this pic, so ignore the quality! I'm too lazy to go edit it :)


Sasha to the rescue (again)

So my new apartment is across the river from DreamSchool — so I'm no longer RIGHT in the downtown city area.

This means two things:

1) Mumble grumble commute mumble grumble. (Actually, it's not that bad. I just like to exaggerate. I know, you're shocked!)

2) It's sososososososoSO quiet.

Now. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who can't fall asleep if it's dead quiet in the room. And here, in my apartment, it's DEAD QUIET at night. Like, you can hear a pin drop dead quiet.

[Unless the guys next door are having a wild party for Thirsty Thursday. Or Wasted Wednesday. Or Tipsy Tuesday. They like to celebrate these things, people.]


Usually in Texas I have a fan going to provide a bit of white noise. But it's too chilly (OMG I KNOW) to do that here. So one night, unable to sleep because I could hear my fish Sev swimming around in his bowl (THAT MEANS IT'S TOO QUIET, PEOPLE), I begged my little Sasha Fierce for help.

And she came through for me: a white noise app. For free.

Here is where I kneel down and kiss the very ground I'm on. MOMMY LOVES YOU, SASHA.

So that night, I fell asleep to the lovely sounds of white noise. But then GUESS WHAT: I started playing around with the app, and discovered it has like a zillion different noises on it! Like trains! And waves on a beach! And a grandfather clock!


I'm not even kidding. I can hear a nice thunderstorm as I fall asleep every night now. This has made me indescribably happy.

Sasha, my love: even though you won't let me play Words with Friends now that I've updated you to 4.0.1, which is annoying as heck, I FORGIVE YOU. Because THUNDERSTORMS AS I FALL ASLEEP.

This is true love.


I got this

So I know I just posted an early morning picture of pretty sun-kissed buildings to kind of convince myself that YES, I should still get up early to go to the gym...but HERE'S ANOTHER.

Why? Because oh man, I really want to skip the gym in the morning. Because I'm tired and cranky.

Self: if you go to the gym tomorrow, you could see this...

PJ light 2
(taken around 8 a.m., after I finished the gym one day)


Matty and Bobby kiss

All day today I checked in to watch Matty and Bobby on their quest to break the world's longest continuous kiss record.

AKA they would have to kiss for OVER 32 hours, 7 minutes, and 14 seconds. Straight. With no breaks. Bathroom or otherwise.

They started yesterday morning, and were set to break the record around 8:30 tonight. And around 8:30 tonight, I was on the commuter rail train cursing my spotty internet connection but GLUED to the screen.

Because y'all? They were amazing. Two boys from New Jersey, vowing to kiss continuously for over 32 HOURS in order to raise awareness for LGBTQ issues.

And...they did it. They broke the record. Thousands of people were watching the live feed as they did it. Thousands of people united to support LGBTQs.

I got chills. Change is coming, you guys, I just know it. One day SOON everyone will be allowed to get married, and adopt babies, and hold jobs, and live their lives without fear or discrimination. One day SOON there won't be classifications for sexual orientation and everyone will be able to just love who they WANT to love.

Until that day, I will fight for equal rights for all people on earth. I will fight so that my kids one day won't be afraid to be true to who they really are. I will fight so that this world becomes a more just and fair place for everyone to live.

I hope something changed tonight when two boys broke a world record for the longest continuous kiss. Because as Matty and Bobby's website says, "After years of fighting bigotry and discrimination, it's time to put down our words and demonstrate otherwise. When there's nothing left to say, say it with a kiss."


6:35 a.m.

Monday through Friday I leave my apartment by 6:20 a.m. I catch the 6:30 train into the city to get to the gym. Not going to lie, that kinda sucks...but:

PJ light 3
The view from the subway as we cross the river. Makes it all worth it.


Oho! Back in the saddle, yo

So I'm writing this at 11:37 p.m. on a Wednesday night and Y'ALL: school. It's started again. Like, we're in the swing of things now.

I'm taking four classes: a news editing and design class, a photojournalism class, an investigative reporting class, and a class on American women writers. I'm also working about 20 hours a week. I'm also buried neck-deep in homework and GAH HALP CAN'T FIGHT MY WAY OOOOUUUUTTT!!!

I'm also averaging 4 hours of sleep per night. Last night I got 3 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. Is fun. Wheeeee!

Here's the thing, though: I haven't hit the exhaustion wall. No, really. I have SO much energy...it's kind of ridiculous.

I'm waiting, though. I know when I least expect it, WHAMMO! FATIGUE! And I'll keel over and start snoring and drooling on the floor of the subway system and then the cops will arrest me because they think I'm drunk and I'll have to beg my way out of a night in the slammer with my puppy dog eyes and fabulous cleavage.

[Er...somethingsomething. Maybe I'm more tired than I thought. Maybe I shouldn't be writing blog posts this late. OR DOING HOMEWORK. But whatevs. It'll be fine. I'm sure. How do you spell "journalism" again?]

But for now, I am woman, hear me Not Yawn! I'm up til 1:30 or 2 (or 2:30...) doing homework, my alarm goes off at 6, I chug massive amounts of coffee (huh. Maybe that's the reason for the lack of exhaustion) and I am good. to. GO, y'all.

[Also: do you know what is delicious and not at all giving me a sugar high right now? CANDY.]


One of the things on my massively long to-do list is to do a proper update on my new apartment. (Hint: we still have mice. And OH HOLY SHIZZNIT THAT HAD BETTER NOT BE A FRUIT FLY.) So that is coming. In the meantime, here's my bedside table!

PJ light 5

One of the other things on my massively long to-do list is sleep. (Hint: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LIKE THAT'LL EVER HAPPEN.) I crack myself up.


Story time!

Okay, boys and girls! We're going to have story time! Ready? Here we go!

Once upon a time...there were five girls who moved into their first apartment. They were SO EXCITED! They couldn't wait for the independence and space. It was awesome.

So on Wednesday, they moved in. And it was almost 100 degrees outside and they discovered that their apartment had no air conditioning. Whee! So they sweated and they sweated and they nearly melted their house down.

On Thursday night, one of the girls spied a MOUSE running in and out of her room! And all five girls then started squealing and running around and tweeting things like "[EXPLETIVE REDACTED] [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] MICE!!!"

On Friday, their landlord came over with sticky mouse traps. Yum, yum!

On Saturday, their dishwasher broke. The girls had to ROUGH IT washing everything by hand. How terrible!

On Sunday and Monday, one of the girls decided to paint her room. Oh my, WHAT an adventure! Next time she should paint before she moves in furniture, the silly girl. What a life lesson!

On Tuesday, SCHOOL STARTED! Can you say "buried under mountains of homework," boys and girls? GOOD JOB!

On Wednesday, the girls got a new dishwasher from their fantastic landlord.

On Friday, the new dishwasher broke. Back to hand-washing for the girls! Life is SO hard.

On Saturday, their fantastic landlord fixed their new dishwasher. Phew! But on Saturday night, another mouse was spotted. UH OH! And one of the washing machines wouldn't work! And there was the strong (still unknown) smell of something electrical burning!

On Saturday late in the evening, the girls started to wonder if apartment life just wasn't for them. They were pretty discouraged and tired. But then, the Perspective Fairy came to visit!

The Perspective Fairy showed them another friend's apartment. That friend has no dishwasher, mice, and FRUIT FLIES EVERYWHERE. And the girls felt better.

Then the girls opened wine and felt better after that.

Then the girls had fried eggs (for some) and veggie burgers (for others) as a midnight snack and felt ALL BETTER.

Then they all went to bed with visions of sugerplums dancing in their heads. And then woke up on Sunday and realized OH HOLY CRAP HOMEWORK and then they all cried!


*This post is brought to you by I Haven't Slept Much At All Lately, and I Really Should Be Doing Homework So This Is The Best I Can Do Right Now. No Really.



So I was out taking pictures of boring trees for my photojournalism class and then I saw this movement out of the corner of my eye and there was this thing on the tree a foot away from me so I turned and snapped a picture and OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS LOOK:


*Total* accident. *TOTALLY* made my day.


MUCH better

So I'm sitting in my freshly-painted *very* stinky room. And heaving a sigh of relief that ZOMG THE PAINTING IS DONE and also thinking that I WILL NEVER PAINT ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. Because OY.

Pro tip, y'all: if you're going to paint your bedroom, do it before you've moved all your furniture, books, clothes, and knickknacks in.

Also: if you've just painted a wall, it's probably not the best idea to lean up against it.


BUT. IT IS DONE. THE PAINTING IS FINISHED. My walls are a happy yellow, and this room feels more like home. We're just going to ignore the blotches of yellow on the ceilings and baseboards. And the strips of white around the outlets and bookshelves. 'K? 'K.

One last tip: painting in a dress? Is probably not the smartest idea I've ever had.

I'm so modest.

P.S. It's the first day of school today! 1) WHERE DID SUMMER GO and 2) JUNIOR YEAR I'M SKEERED.


A bit better!

I'm not going to lie...it was a rough few days moving into the apartment. It's across the river from DreamSchool, and while I know the area, it just wasn't "home" yet. And GAH unpacking and stress and arranging and decorating and eating and blah, blah, blah.


Things are better now!

I moved in Wednesday. And Friday night I had a heart-to-heart with one of my roomies and we talked about how she was feeling the same way. And then we went back to campus and reunited with another friend and ate Ben & Jerry's fro-yo. And that helped.

And then Saturday morning happened and I woke up and it was bright and sunny and beautiful, and I scored a cool picture frame and wooden basket at Goodwill for $2.10, and I had an *amaaaaazing* evening. And that helped.

And then Sunday happened and I BECAME A FISH MOMMY AGAIN and decided to paint my room and that HELPED.

So I'd like to introduce you all to my new little boy. His name is Severus. I call him my little Sevie-poo.

Severus seems to like the wine bottles. He always swims close to them. Like mommy, like fish!

So this is becoming more like home. And it's good. And I'm happy. And I'll post painting updates later because wow! Ceilings are tall! And oy! Paint is hard to get off hardwood floors! Ha! Ha ha! My dad is reading this and twitching because I ONLY USED DROP CLOTHS IN A FEW PLACES AND THEN GOT LAZY!

Okay. Now I'm back to catching up on the Internet because I've been mostly offline for 2 days and dear jeebus, people, 7,404,231 blogs and tweets to read!


A bit wilted

withering heights

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
“I will try again tomorrow.”

—Mary Anne Radmacher

I've needed this quote lately. I need to permanently imprint it into my my mind. If we just take deep breaths and baby steps, we'll all come out just fine. We're all in this together.


Winner winner giveaway dinner!

So it's 11:55 p.m. and I've been unpacking for nearly 14 hours straight and I'm not done and my room is a HOT MESS, y'all: but I promised a giveaway winner, and dammit, we're going to pick a giveaway winner!

The winner of the $45 CSN giveaway is.........





Congratulations, Crystal! Email me and I'll get you hooked up with CSN!

And now I'm back to COLLAPSING. If I go to sleep now, will the Boxes Fairy come unpack everything for me and put it away perfectly? She will, right? Right? *whimper*