You're welcome in advance

Sam, my sweet nanny girl, has been telling me after meals lately how great a cook I am. And since I'm all about a little ego-stroking, I thought I'd post my Super Secret World-Famous Nanny Recipes so you all can enjoy them too.

You're welcome!

Nanny's Super Secret World-Famous Toasted PB&J!

-2 pieces of bread, any type (the kids like honey wheat)
-peanut butter
-jelly, any type (the kids like grape)

1) Toast bread until light golden brown.
2) Spread peanut butter over one piece of bread. Make sure the top of the bread is fully covered in peanut butter. Nobody likes crust with no peanut butter on it!
3) Spread jelly over other piece of bread. Make sure the top of the other piece of bread is fully covered in jelly. Nobody likes crust with no jelly on it!
4) Slice, any way. Sam typically likes four triangles, Ben typically likes four squares.
(optional) 5) Remove crusts. And then feed them to the dogs. And/or yourself.

[Note: I actually love a good toasted pb&j. With dill pickles inside. Don't judge, y'all.]

Nanny's Super Secret World-Famous Banana Ice Cream*!

*note: this is not actually ice cream.

-1 banana
-1 freezer

1) Peel banana. Place in a ziploc bag. Place ziploc bag in freezer.
2) Wait several hours until banana is frozen.
3) Take banana out of the freezer. Mash well.
(optional) 4) Pour melted Nutella over mashed banana.

[Note: this is actually really freaking good. With or without the Nutella. A great substitute for ice cream!]

And my most famous recipe? The one the kids love the most?

Nanny's Super Secret World-Famous Pizza!

-1 frozen pizza

1) Preheat oven.
2) Place pizza in oven. Let cook.
3) Remove pizza from oven. Slice, and serve.
(optional) 4) Run screaming from the cheesy mess the toddler has managed to make.

[Note: this recipe is especially difficult.]

So there you have it! My three most-loved nannykid recipes. I know, I know, my talent is out. of. this. WORLD. And, y'know, curtsey.


Donna said...

We are just laughing at your recipes!!! Thanks for the smile.

Monica H said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing your secrets! I can test them out on my nanny kids :-)