T-minus 13 days...

...until I am back up north.

And t-minus 20 days until I MOVE INTO MY NEW APARTMENT.

So right about now, I'm bouncing around excitedly, procrastinating packing (um, of course), rereading Harry Potter for the quadzillionth time, having fun visiting family, and dreaming about how my new apartment is going to look.

Picture this, y'all:

antique cherry wood furniture set — bed, dressers, desk

crisp white pillows and sheets, with a pretty blue duvet cover

dried flowers everywhere

art covering the walls

books everywhere

a large, overstuffed chair in the corner for my reading nook

a knitting corner, filled to the brim with soft yarn

a soft rug on the floor

sunlight streaming through the window, a warm summer day

Can you picture it? Isn't it lovely? Isn't it peaceful?

Now. Daydreams meet reality: Broke College Kid edition!

So far, for my new apartment, I have:

-a duvet cover (pretty blue)
-a few pictures for the wall
-74,000 books.

And that's it.

I mean, I've got my books, so color me happy. But a bed might be nice. And a dresser? Or a mirror or two? All things that, y'know, would be a nice addition.

So today I went browsing around this quaint little town I'm in visiting family. And I was on a mission to find furniture for my apartment. A desk. A dresser. A bed. A chair.

And then I looked at price tags, fainted, had to be revived, and realized that sleeping on the floor in my new apartment is starting to look like a pretty damn good option.

Though I did find two sweet little trinkets at an antique store, just perfect to be tucked away in a sweet little corner.

So when I'm lying on a bed of books, looking around my new home, at least I'll have some pretty things to see.


Erin O. said...

Ok, so now you realize that since you just listed your dream room and I have yet to finish putting your quilt in a box to mail to you, I have the opportunity to add a few "care packagey" things. And yes, I realize the last sentence was a run on!!

Erin said...

I was wondering when you'd be back just the other day (I was much too lazy to act upon this though, however). And IKEA is your friend. Well, Craigslist can also be your friend, but it's a bit more sketch.

Whatever you do, do not pick up a mattress from the side of the road!!! Gross, I know. But I've been there. On the floor with no bed. It's pretty effing tempting.

Let me know when you are back and settled and we'll uhm, go make fun of people together. Or something.