Packing's for the birds

So I officially leave in two (GASP) *TWO* days!


Seriously, this summer flew by in the blink of an eye. It's August? Nearly September? What the heck happened to June?!?!?

Anyway, I've shipped up all my books, and a few odds and ends, and all that's left to pack is ohholygoodness all my clothes and everything else. HALP.

So tomorrow I'm going to be burying myself in clothes and packing and not sleeping and why am I moving, again? Oh yeah! COLLEGE! Year three at DreamSchool (how has it been two full years already?!), ready or not, HERE I COME.

Anyhoo, here's a lovely picture to distract you from the nothingness of this post. And FYI, I'll be putting up another CSN giveaway on Tuesday, so look for that :) yay! free stuff!

I can't take credit for this picture. My sister took it. But on my camera! So...I win, right?