In mah happy place

I'm here and OMG how has it been 4 days since I was on here??? and I'm here I'm here I'M HERE!!!!!!!

Happy. Happy. Happy.

After an insane week of flying all of us up north to get my sister settled in her new school (!!!) (OMG how is my baby sister old enough for COLLEGE???) and getting her settled and finally yesterday making the 11-hour drive up to DreamSchool city we're finally here!!!

I'm so happy. And so so sooooo exhausted. But happy!!!

I met up with some friends today, found a few apartment knickknacks and wine glasses at Goodwill for cheap (score!) and now I'm about get on the train to head back to the hotel we're staying in until I move into my apartment. Tomorrow is more furniture shopping because have I mentioned I still need a headboard, footboard, desk, desk chair, stuffed chair, rug, mirror, and more bookshelves? HA HA I DO AND OH I'M BROKE WHEEEEEE!

But oh, you guys: I just love this city so much. I'm almost disgustingly happy. I just love. this. so. much. Remind me of this when I'm knee-deep in paper-writing and under four feet of snow!

Okay I'm off to catch my train, but i'm going to post PICTURE OVERLOAD tonight. Sorry in advance!

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Sugar Photography said...

This makes me so very happy to read :) We miss you like crazy around here. In fact, Sam and Ben came home after a week with their dad, and coco and I were in the kitchen. WE heard voices in the garage, and I asked "Who is that?". She said, hopefully, "Howie???"

You are always near and dear to us! Now let us live vicariously...have a FAB year!