Addicted to the ink and paper

A few things:

1) I realize now I shouldn't have had music on while the camera was rolling. Pay no attention to my weird musical taste.

2) Hi, boobs!

3) The books are all down now. I kid you not: when my dad took the first few books off my shelf, I started crying. I KNOW.

4) That's not even all of my books. I shipped 60 lbs of books up to my dorm room freshman year. Now I'm sending the rest up (180 extra lbs). Yay for shipping media mail!

5) I got a haircut today. I'm not sure what I think. If you love it, tell me. If you hate it, pleasedon'ttellmeI'llcryforhours. I'm a delicate flower.


Kirsten said...

Ok, two things. One, Love that you have all those bookshelves full of books. I know that was the point of the video, but I'm not as much of a reader as I used to be, but there's nothing like reading in bed with a paper book in your hands. Two, that wonderful old typerwriter on your desk. That makes me want to whip out a clean piece of white paper and type a letter. With big, huge, clunk-clunk each time you exert energy to press a key.

Erin O. said...

You have the cutest haircut! And don't worry, we all have messy rooms.

Monica H said...

I like your hair cut. I got mine cut yesterday and she cut off 5 inches- yikes! I'm not sure what to think either.

cute room!

Amanda said...

Is that an old fashioned typewriter on your desk??? SO COOL!!! I love your room. With you moving all this stuff...are you (gulp) moving up to Dream School city....PERMANENTLY??? Like--not coming back home for Christmas or summer???

The Nanny said...

Thanks for the haircut compliments, you guys! I was shamelessly fishing for them. :)

Kirsten & Amanda — I looooove my old typewriter. I wish it worked! It's probably an easy fix, I just haven't had it done yet. But I love having it on my desk :)

Amanda — (GULP) Yup. I am. For as long as I can afford it, haha. But I'll come back for Christmas this year and next, and I'll be back for a visit during the summer. I can't cut all ties with Texas! :)