August sky

This was taken through the windshield of our rented minivan while we were dropping my sister off at school. The sky was *unbelievably* gorgeous that day. If only we'd had time to stop the car and let me take proper pictures but NOOOOOO, *SOMEONE* WANTED TO GO SET UP HER DORM ROOM. JEESH.

clouds were *unbelievable*


So we have a doggy door coming out our house into our backyard. And pupster Max is very well trained to use it.

So one day, I crept out into the backyard, positioned myself on the steps leading down from our deck with my camera, and yelled MAX! MAX! COME OUTSIDE, MAX!

And oh lordy, he came *flying* out the doggy door.

The result?



My new baby

So I'm taking a photojournalism class this semester, and the professor *strongly* recommended we invest in our own DSLR cameras. Which is HOLY JEEBUS THAT'S A LOTTA MONEY. Ack!

But I took as many side babysitting jobs as I could to save up, and stalked Amazon and a few other sites looking for major DSLR sales all summer, and finally in early August: JACKPOT. A Canon Rebel XS, refurbished, with a 90-day warranty, at a seriously reasonable price. Boom. Love.

Here's my new baby...

hocus focus

Now if only I could figure out all these fancy-pants buttons. I guess that means I should *SIGH* RTFM, as my dad would say.

(RTFM = READ THE FREAKIN' MANUAL. You have to read that with an exasperated voice, by the way.)

In mah happy place

I'm here and OMG how has it been 4 days since I was on here??? and I'm here I'm here I'M HERE!!!!!!!

Happy. Happy. Happy.

After an insane week of flying all of us up north to get my sister settled in her new school (!!!) (OMG how is my baby sister old enough for COLLEGE???) and getting her settled and finally yesterday making the 11-hour drive up to DreamSchool city we're finally here!!!

I'm so happy. And so so sooooo exhausted. But happy!!!

I met up with some friends today, found a few apartment knickknacks and wine glasses at Goodwill for cheap (score!) and now I'm about get on the train to head back to the hotel we're staying in until I move into my apartment. Tomorrow is more furniture shopping because have I mentioned I still need a headboard, footboard, desk, desk chair, stuffed chair, rug, mirror, and more bookshelves? HA HA I DO AND OH I'M BROKE WHEEEEEE!

But oh, you guys: I just love this city so much. I'm almost disgustingly happy. I just love. this. so. much. Remind me of this when I'm knee-deep in paper-writing and under four feet of snow!

Okay I'm off to catch my train, but i'm going to post PICTURE OVERLOAD tonight. Sorry in advance!


A giveaway, a giveaway, a giveaway!

So right now I'm very busy NOT packing even though we're leaving the house in less than 11 hours and oh my dear jeebus I think my dad might stroke out if I don't start soon.

But Daddy! 11 hours! PLENTY OF TIME!

I digress.

Anyway, I have another suh-weeeeet CSN giveaway for you lovely people! Just in case you weren't aware, CSN offers dining tables. Thanks, CSN! (end obligatory plug)

Today I'm giving away a $45 CSN gift card. Now. If *I* had the $45 to spend, I'd spend it on these two beauties:


You can get both of those things for less than $45! Both! For less than $45! Can you say "Nanny has a new apartment to furnish and she's been shopping around!", boys and girls?

So! Want to win this lovely $45 gift card?


***please leave the correct number of comments for EACH entry -- for example, if you follow my blog, leave THREE comments, not just one***

1) Tell me: if you could paint your bedroom walls ANY color, which color would you choose? Or...if you could have one pair of shoes for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, what would they be? (MANDATORY. 1 entry)

2) Follow me on Twitter @theonlinenanny (3 entries) (if you already do follow, you count too! leave three comments for that)

3) Follow my blog publicly! (3 entries) (if you already do follow, you count too! leave three comments for that)

4) Blog about this giveaway (and let me know that you do) (3 entries)

By my calculations, that's 16 zillion ways to enter. You guys have until Wednesday, September 1 at 6 p.m. to enter. I'll announce the winner on the blog, and he/she has 48 hours to email me to claim his/her prize -- or a new winner will be chosen. Aaaaaand GO!

P.S. Disclaimer — I wasn't given anything for this giveaway, or compensated in any way, shape, or form. I'm doing this because I love you all more than life itself. And because CSN contacted me to see if I wanted to do a giveaway. Also, I've worked with CSN before. Remember my AWESOME lamp??? And this giveaway

P.P.S. If you come help me pack, I'll give you 47 extra entries! Please? Please? Pleeeease???


Packing's for the birds

So I officially leave in two (GASP) *TWO* days!


Seriously, this summer flew by in the blink of an eye. It's August? Nearly September? What the heck happened to June?!?!?

Anyway, I've shipped up all my books, and a few odds and ends, and all that's left to pack is ohholygoodness all my clothes and everything else. HALP.

So tomorrow I'm going to be burying myself in clothes and packing and not sleeping and why am I moving, again? Oh yeah! COLLEGE! Year three at DreamSchool (how has it been two full years already?!), ready or not, HERE I COME.

Anyhoo, here's a lovely picture to distract you from the nothingness of this post. And FYI, I'll be putting up another CSN giveaway on Tuesday, so look for that :) yay! free stuff!

I can't take credit for this picture. My sister took it. But on my camera! So...I win, right?


Hot hot hot

So this morning I did something I've never done before.


You know, the kind where they crank the heat up to 98 degrees and you have to be all flexible and stretchy and balanced and stuff.

(Hi! I'm Nanny, and I dislike heat, and am not flexible, stretchy or balanced! Woot!)

Y'all, I was scared. I did weekly yoga when I was a freshman in high school, but that was I'M NOT TELLING HOW MANY years ago. Let's just say it's been a while.

Oh, and did I mention this was a 6 a.m. class? HA. HA HA.

I only went because I love the person who dragged me to it. And because yeah, I've been curious about it for a while. And because sweating! it burns calories! And lord knows I need to lose me some calories!

So I set my alarm for 5 a.m., woke up, cursed the world (quietly, since I was sharing a room with Jenny's daughter Maggie) for the earlyness of it all, and headed off with Jenny to meet Kara and Jacki.

Let me just tell you: walking into the heated room? Rather anticlimactic. Y'all, I live in Texas. 98 degrees is a cool summer day. So the heat? No big. And at that point, after I walked in and realized the heat wasn't as scary as I thought, I told myself, "Nanny? YOU. GOT. THIS." And I smugly walked over, got a mat and a towel, and waited for the surely easy-peasy yoga to start.

Ha! HA HA!

I'm just so adorably naive, aren't I?

Now in the interest of honesty, the class wasn't all that hard. There were some poses and things we did that I *loved.* And there were some poses and things we did that I *hated* and I begged the yoga gods for mercy lest my trembling legs give out from underneath me and I collapse on the floor in a pool of my own sweat and tears. But overall? GOOD. Very good.

And I left yoga chugging water and feeling pretty damn good about myself. And vowing to sign up for more classes before I leave for DreamSchool (SO SOON). And patting myself on the pack.

Until tonight, when allofasudden I felt like a train had run over me.

SERIOUSLY, yoga?! Good thing I like you. Because I can hardly move.


Addicted to the ink and paper

A few things:

1) I realize now I shouldn't have had music on while the camera was rolling. Pay no attention to my weird musical taste.

2) Hi, boobs!

3) The books are all down now. I kid you not: when my dad took the first few books off my shelf, I started crying. I KNOW.

4) That's not even all of my books. I shipped 60 lbs of books up to my dorm room freshman year. Now I'm sending the rest up (180 extra lbs). Yay for shipping media mail!

5) I got a haircut today. I'm not sure what I think. If you love it, tell me. If you hate it, pleasedon'ttellmeI'llcryforhours. I'm a delicate flower.


Eats shoots leaves

I know it's practically fall, but this picture from last week makes me think of the first buds of spring. And it makes me so happy. Because hello, spring = March which = my birthday which = AWE.SOME.


Judge me, judge me, say that you judge me

So about 3 weeks ago, I joined a dating website.

[Go ahead and laugh. I'll wait.]

BUT: let me explain the reasons why I joined. Because they're good, I promise. 1) It was free. 2) Two friends joined and they peer-pressured me into joining. Yeah for peer pressure! 3) I'm pathetically desperate. and 4) IT WAS FREE.

So I signed myself up using a pseudonym, answered a few lame-o questions, and put up a picture of my owl-tattooed shoulder. No real identifying information, no face shots, I'M BEING CAREFUL, MOM AND DAD.

And then I promptly forgot about the account. Until.


I started getting messages. And hoo-boy, y'all, I got excited. People! Were messaging me! PEOPLE WERE MESSAGING ME! So I excitedly clicked over to my account and read the first one. And y'all: it. was. epic.

Headline: That owl
Message: is f***ing awesome.

Oh, you guys. I got weak at the knees. The way to a girl's heart is complimenting her tattoo!

Then I eagerly clicked onto the next message. Everyone, meet Epic Message #2.

Headline: handsome professor?
Message: hi (screen name) I liked your profile pic-interesting and very cute! I am a tall and fit professor, 46, live in (city). I am looking for friends or lovers, depending on how we match. If this sounds good, and you also liked my profile, please say hi and I will send pics- James

James, oh JAMES. (P.S. I edited out my screen name & city. That's what the blurs are.)

I was all set to tell James I was fully available to become his naughty schoolgirl mistress that night, UNTIL I heard that my good friend Kelly had gotten the exact same message from James after *she* signed up for that dating website.


So I clicked onto message #3, which I got a few days later.

Headline: Heyyyyy
Message: ever had a [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored]?

MISTAKE. Y'all, you're welcome for censoring.

To be fair, I've met a few great, funny people on that site. And while I don't know if I'll ever meet them in real life (because Hi! I'm paranoid!), it's been fun to chat and e-flirt.

(Though there is this one *amazing* guy who I *really* like and who is *really* funny and *really* adorable and he is going to be in *Scotland* for the next *year* doing an exchange program and *EFF YOU, SCOTLAND!*)

But before I sign off this post, I just want to leave you with Nanny's Quick Tips List for Internet Dating:

1) Please compliment me and my tattoo.
2) Please don't send multiple people (ESPECIALLY MULTIPLE PEOPLE WHO KNOW EACH OTHER) the same message.
3) Please don't send me the measurements of your genitals. Please and thank you.
4) Please don't be adorable and smart and funny and then leave for Scotland.

The end!


T-minus 13 days...

...until I am back up north.

And t-minus 20 days until I MOVE INTO MY NEW APARTMENT.

So right about now, I'm bouncing around excitedly, procrastinating packing (um, of course), rereading Harry Potter for the quadzillionth time, having fun visiting family, and dreaming about how my new apartment is going to look.

Picture this, y'all:

antique cherry wood furniture set — bed, dressers, desk

crisp white pillows and sheets, with a pretty blue duvet cover

dried flowers everywhere

art covering the walls

books everywhere

a large, overstuffed chair in the corner for my reading nook

a knitting corner, filled to the brim with soft yarn

a soft rug on the floor

sunlight streaming through the window, a warm summer day

Can you picture it? Isn't it lovely? Isn't it peaceful?

Now. Daydreams meet reality: Broke College Kid edition!

So far, for my new apartment, I have:

-a duvet cover (pretty blue)
-a few pictures for the wall
-74,000 books.

And that's it.

I mean, I've got my books, so color me happy. But a bed might be nice. And a dresser? Or a mirror or two? All things that, y'know, would be a nice addition.

So today I went browsing around this quaint little town I'm in visiting family. And I was on a mission to find furniture for my apartment. A desk. A dresser. A bed. A chair.

And then I looked at price tags, fainted, had to be revived, and realized that sleeping on the floor in my new apartment is starting to look like a pretty damn good option.

Though I did find two sweet little trinkets at an antique store, just perfect to be tucked away in a sweet little corner.

So when I'm lying on a bed of books, looking around my new home, at least I'll have some pretty things to see.


Life's a beach

I had every intention today about writing a post about how I joined a dating website, but...this is my view at this very second:

I'm going to shut down the computer and go and play!


It was owlstanding

So the other night, I was driving home from babysitting around 10:45 at night. And as I was driving along this semi-quiet road outside of a neighborhood, I saw something in the road in front of me.

At first I thought it was a lump of trash. But as I (slowly) got closer, I could see that it was most definitely NOT trash.

It was...

(Excuse the crappy cell phone picture. Lemme zoom in for you. Which probably won't help.)

Can you tell what that is? Can you? Because ZOMG, y'all: IT WAS AN OWLET.



I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. I stopped my car, and tried to get a good cell phone picture, but I of course couldn't because it was dark and crappy cell phone pictures and blah blah blah. And then they flew away. But it was so cool.


You're welcome in advance

Sam, my sweet nanny girl, has been telling me after meals lately how great a cook I am. And since I'm all about a little ego-stroking, I thought I'd post my Super Secret World-Famous Nanny Recipes so you all can enjoy them too.

You're welcome!

Nanny's Super Secret World-Famous Toasted PB&J!

-2 pieces of bread, any type (the kids like honey wheat)
-peanut butter
-jelly, any type (the kids like grape)

1) Toast bread until light golden brown.
2) Spread peanut butter over one piece of bread. Make sure the top of the bread is fully covered in peanut butter. Nobody likes crust with no peanut butter on it!
3) Spread jelly over other piece of bread. Make sure the top of the other piece of bread is fully covered in jelly. Nobody likes crust with no jelly on it!
4) Slice, any way. Sam typically likes four triangles, Ben typically likes four squares.
(optional) 5) Remove crusts. And then feed them to the dogs. And/or yourself.

[Note: I actually love a good toasted pb&j. With dill pickles inside. Don't judge, y'all.]

Nanny's Super Secret World-Famous Banana Ice Cream*!

*note: this is not actually ice cream.

-1 banana
-1 freezer

1) Peel banana. Place in a ziploc bag. Place ziploc bag in freezer.
2) Wait several hours until banana is frozen.
3) Take banana out of the freezer. Mash well.
(optional) 4) Pour melted Nutella over mashed banana.

[Note: this is actually really freaking good. With or without the Nutella. A great substitute for ice cream!]

And my most famous recipe? The one the kids love the most?

Nanny's Super Secret World-Famous Pizza!

-1 frozen pizza

1) Preheat oven.
2) Place pizza in oven. Let cook.
3) Remove pizza from oven. Slice, and serve.
(optional) 4) Run screaming from the cheesy mess the toddler has managed to make.

[Note: this recipe is especially difficult.]

So there you have it! My three most-loved nannykid recipes. I know, I know, my talent is out. of. this. WORLD. And, y'know, curtsey.



So if you know me at all, you know that I'm a Harry Potter dork. Like, a *supreme* dork. Like, it's a little embarrassing.

(Please don't judge me.)

(Okay, you can judge me. BUT PLEASE DON'T STOP LOVING ME.)

So I was beyond excited to go to a Harry Potter Party yesterday! On Harry's actual birthday! Happy 30th, Harrykins!

It was hosted by the lovely Moi (that's her Twitter name — it wasn't hosted by me), and Txnewsprincess, BeckyMochaFace and JeremyHerbel attended. And y'all: we dorked. it. up.

It was magical.

We had butterbeer, cauldron cakes, chips and dip, and a snitch cake. OH HELLS TO THE YES, y'all, I MADE A SNITCH CAKE.


I know. Sometimes I'm just in awe of my own raw talent.

We watched the first three movies and dissected any inconsistencies between the movies and the books. And the books and the books. And oh my dear jesus, it was so nice to be in the company of ubernerds like myself. I felt so...so...at home! Comfortable! Like I could be myself and admit that I really really hate the epilogue in the 7th book!

Oh, you guys: it was nerdy heaven.

And the best part? We have part 2 of #Potterthon planned for just a few weeks from now. CANNOT. WAIT.