Oh, self

I was cleaning out some drawers yesterday and came across a bunch of writing I'd done when I was 10 or 11 years old — school mini-essays and the like. And OH MY LORD, there are some gems. If I could, I'd go back in time, gaze fondly at my younger self, and advise me to get out more often.

This first prompt was "Tell me about ______" (fill-in-the-blank). And I chose to write about BABIES. Shocker, right?!

Babies make the world go around! They are the best medicine. If you are ever sad or depressed, hug a baby. They are sweetest creatures on this earth. There are not enough good words in the entire vocabulary of the world to tell anyone how wonderful a baby can be. The thing that I want most right now is a baby all my own that I'd never have to give up when its parents came home.

NOW HOLD UP. If my 5th grade teacher didn't read that last sentence and peg me as a Future Teenage Mom, she's crazy. Because y'all? OY.

Here's what happened after I wrote that: I started babysitting. And then I realized that babysitting is the BEST BIRTH CONTROL EVER!!!

I believe this mini-essay question was "What are your long term plans?" and I wrote...

As for my long term goals, I would love to go to college and work in France. I'd love to work for a couple of years after high school, then go over to France for college. I want to get a degree in teaching, and I want to teach third grade or junior high-aged kids English. Then I'd love to get married and have a ton of kids. I'd love to stay-at-home with them until my youngest is in school, then I will start teaching. All the while I'd love to be driving a periwinkle VW bug convertible.

Huh. Sounds like a nice life. France, good; teaching, good; marriage and kids, good...a periwinkle VW bug convertible?

Periwinkle? Really?

And here's the last one. I can't remember or figure out what the prompt would be, but mom and dad, YER WELCOME.

I love my parents so much and I always enjoy their company. I love to do things with them. I do things at school a lot: field trips, projects, sports games, etc., and I love looking out at the crowd and being able to see them smiling at me.

Everybody, on three: one, two, three, AWWWW.

Younger me is so adorable. And such a suck up.


Anonymous said...

SUCH a suck up.

your little sister

Monica H said...

You got me with the periwinkle bug. ha ha! Such dreams you had.