I don't have that much wisdom to begin with

Tomorrow I'm getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Three are impacted and one has poked its painful tips through.

And, because I'm weird and paranoid, I'm doing it without general anesthesia.

NOW. Before you freak out, that doesn't mean I'm doing it without sedation. Y'all, I ain't THAT crazy. (Yet.) But I'm doing it with a "moderate" sedation, meaning I'll most likely be sleeping through the procedure but will be able to wake and answer questions.

A few things:

1) I don't like teeth.

2) I don't like drugs.

3) I like milkshakes.

The latter, of course, is what will hopefully be making me forget about the two former. So here's where you guys come in: do you have any healthy, vegetarian-friendly* recipes that can easily be made into a milkshake-like consistency?


Or, any recipes for an effing good milkshake?

Or, are you all just wanting to see me all drugged up and dopey?



Lady Di said...

Soft "silken" tofu, frozen fruit (or bananas & cocoa), sweetener of choice. Ice cream & booze when the tofu shakes get old. ;-)

Erin said...

Soups! Anything that can be pureed that is in season (uhm, what do you grow in Texas???). Look for a recipe for a chilled soup, perhaps? I don't recommend asparagus soup however, at least not chilled. Warm is much preferable.

Tomato soup with other veggies pureed in with it (and lots of yummy herbs), potato leek soup, cold strawberry soup (it's kind of like a dessert soup!).

For smoothies we really like to use almond milk, it gives them a wonderful flavor! Fresh or frozen fruit + almond milk + a bit of ice to get you where you want = delicious.

And I second the booze. You're probably going to need that. I recommend NOT drinking while taking the good drugs they give out. But, at the same time, to each their own.

(Remember to haul out the video camera for this one)

Anonymous said...


the video camera WILL be out. all. the. time.

because i'm a good sister :)

your sister

ps. i make kick-butt smoothies. get ready for awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Note to "your sister:"

You are hilarious. Thanks for the morning laughs.

Note to the patient-to-be:

You are so funny, too. Thanks.

FYF-- I make an AMAZING not-very-healthy chocolate shake. You need to have at least one of those before you become healthy again.

Jenny said...

Thinking of you today. It'll be fine.

Just be sure that you avoid straws at all costs with those delicious milkshakes. Dry socket? Hurts like a mofo. IJS


Mei said...

When I got my wisdom teeth out, I pretty much ate nothing but mashed potatoes... I recommend making them with vegetable stock. Pretty tasty!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm...milkshake recipes?!

1)Get in car.
2)Drive to Coldstone.
3)Order milkshake.

I'm a penny pincher, but seriously. Coldstone won my heart over with the first bite.

The Nanny said...

Dude: booze in shakes? BRILLIANT. I'll do that once I run out of painkillers.

@Stephanie - BOO HISS la la la no driving while on painkillers la la la. SUCKS.

Bethany said...

Vanilla yogurt (4 ounces)
Milk (1/4 cup)
Banana (1)
Peanut butter (however much you want)
Raw baby spinach (2 cups)

Blend it all up. Delicious.