We went to the beach this morning. And as we stood at the top of the stairs about to walk down to the sand, we looked out across the ocean and saw light brown splotches all in the water.

Let me just tell you: playing "sandbar or oil?" is not a very fun game. Especially when the answer is "oil."

When I saw that oil I felt sad and sick. I couldn't even think about what the ocean looked like underneath the surface. The poor wildlife.

And then I got angry.

I was angry thinking of the animals and sea creatures whose lives and homes have been destroyed by this oil spill. I was angry thinking about the humans whose lives and homes have been destroyed by this oil spill.

Poor beaches and coasts. Poor animals and sea creatures. Poor humans.

Fuck you, BP.


Nico said...

That sucks. Especially when it sounded like you were so happy at the beach just yesterday (aside from the knee of course, I hope that heals quickly!)

Monica H said...

That last line pretty much cummed it up. Sad and mad, that's how I feel too.

Jenny said...

As Jen described it, sitting there was like watching a funeral procession. It was heartbreaking to watch it come closer and closer to the beach. Not to mention the clean up crews all around us.

LOVED having you at the beach with you. You are one truly amazing girl. I'm grateful to have you as my friend.

we hate you. love, us said...

I agree - fuck you BP.

"Sandbar or Oil" does NOT sound like a fun game.

peggyanddave said...

I'm a lurker, but had to comment on this one. I live in Ohio, and we went to Florida on vacation last month. Before we left, my 8 year old couldn't sleep because she was worried about the oil spill. It was not a problem where we were -- yet. But it will be. And it will destroy sometime so pristine and beautiful, not to mention the sea life, not to mention the economy, etc. I hate that BP could reap the profits with no ability to stop this when all went to hell. It's just wrong. I agree. Fuck you BP.

Franklin5 said...

First: I've gotten so out of the habit of reading blog posts, any blog posts, because my mind has atrophied to the point that reading anything longer than 140 characters makes it go skrlpkx: splat.

So there's that. But here I am, and I'm SO SO GLAD, because your posts and your pictures and your perspectives make me SO SO HAPPY.

Excepting this post, which makes me every emotion but happy. I still feel heartsick, heartqueasy, heartnauseated and heartburnyangrystabby at what we saw washing up in the surf, onto the sand.


Side note: I picked up a new read while we were there, in Seaside's Sundog Bookstore. It's called Unspoiled: Writers Speak for Florida's Coast.

I'd recommend it to you, but the truth is that I've only been able to read about six pages so far.

Because what happens is this: I pick it up and read a word, maybe three, before my eyes blur with tears, and reading is impossible, and I have to put the book in another room, face down.


This, too, will pass. Not tomorrow, and not next month. But it will. Promise.