1001 ways to occupy a toddler

So Sam and Ben LOVE to swim. Like l-o-v-e LOVE to swim. And I love that they love to swim. Because *I* love to swim. Except I can never remember my bathing suit when I go to their house. Like ever.

(It's a problem.)

But anyway. Whenever they want to swim, which is approximately 12 times a day, I'm left poolside with Coco. AKA WILD BABY WATERBEAST.

Coco has no fear of the water. Zilch. She will walk over to the side and jump in before I can blink. So short of tethering her to my chair, I try to find other ways to distract her from the fact that water is behind her.


(Ignore her hair. She'd just gotten up from a nap, and I hadn't braved her curls yet.)

Ah, sunscreen. How I love thee. You occupied the toddler.

So while Sam and Ben were having a ball swimming, Coco was having a ball smearing globs of sunscreen all over herself, my legs, my shoes, and the chair.

Hey, whatever works, right?


Sugar Photography said...

psssst! you can always leave a suit here. IJS ;)

Monica H said...

She is too cute. She looks like the baby I watch, minus the curls :-)

Cute sandals.

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