Phoning it in, bullet point-point style


2) Happy.

3) Lotsa small children (12 in total). While this is sometimes (often?) chaotic, I wouldn't have it any other way. Love.

4) Did you know my name means "thinking of the ocean" in Greek? I'm a true Pisces girl.

5) Great, great adult company. And vodka-laced Koolaid. Which we are being VERY CAREFUL not to mix up with the kids' unspiked Koolaid.

6) It is so, so nice being down in the waves. I love feeling them crash over me. And I love feeling the current pull back on my legs.

6a) As a result of said current (a very strong one), yesterday while in the water with Sam, Gabby and Maggie, I got knocked off my feet. And as I went down, I heard a very loud CRACK followed quickly by another CRACK followed by LOTS OF EXPLETIVES IN MY HEAD.

(Yes, my knee popped in and out of socket. Yes, it hurt like a biiiiiiiitch. Yes, I looked like a fool dragging myself to shore because I couldn't stand up. Yes, I was mortified.)

(Yes, it has happened before.)

It wasn't a "bad" pop-out, per se. It popped right back in. And eventually I was able to stand up and hobble (and look ridiculous) back to the house. I'm still limping today, but it's getting better and better with time. WHEW.

6b) As a result of said pop-out, I have four mother hens named Jenny, Jen, Deanna and Debbie clucking over my every move. My mother just read that last sentence and whispered "THANK GOODNESS" while clutching her heart.

(Dear mumsie, yes, I have elevated my knee. And I have ice, advil and alcohol to make it all better. I am taking care of myself. And if I don't, the aforementioned surrogate mothers are doing it for me. Love, your favorite daughter)

7) Did I mention I'm at the beach? I'm happy.

8) Coco has finally started using my name in association with me. She calls me "Owie." Yes, is the cutest thing EVER. Yes, I give her anything she wants when she says my name.

(Yes, I am kidding about that last part.)


Okay. I'm going to sign off now. Because my thumbs are getting tired because I'm typing this on Sasha the magical iPhone. And, y'know, BEACH.

P.S. No, I didn't proofread this.


Anonymous said...

favorite daughter.....?

-your sister

Erin O. said...

Get better! Glad to hear you are loving the beach.