The not-so-itsy bitsy spider

I went outside to water the plants in our backyard the other day and was greeted by THIS:

...at which point I screamed, ran, sold the house, and moved to a bug-free place. Don't tell my parents.

Sorry, plants. You're on your own.


Anonymous said...

Uhmmmm....WHAT WAS THE PART ABOUT OUR HOUSE??????????????????????????????????


Anonymous said...

The spider's name is Herbie. I asked him to set up shop in the back yard to protect you from burglers, etc. Looks like he's on the job!

Good old Herbie!

Um, you didn't squish him, did you??

love, popsicle

The Nanny said...

Nope, no squishing. Just running, and screaming.

P.S. Mums - remind me to, uh, give you directions to our new address.

Yona said...

Oh wow - that's a cool pic. Unfortunately, I have walked through one of those things by accident. Not fun. However, I've always been fascinated by how they create their webs - so intricate.

The Nanny said...

Yona, thanks! The coolest (and grossest...) thing was that I think I spooked the spider, and right after I snapped this pic he/she/it started taking apart its web. It was demolished in a matter of seconds. I just wished I had been taking a video!

Shandell said...

ugh, I HATE spiders.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Monica H said...

That;s an awesome pic. I wish I were there to take pics of it too. Then of course when I was done I would have gone running and screaming with you. ha!

The Nanny said...

Monica, I rreeeaaallly wanted to get closer so I could get better pics. But there was a second (smaller, less scary, but a spider web nonetheless) web blocking it.

Melissa said...

Aw, thanks so much for your very kind words over at your blog. Also, that spider is a very icky sort of surprise to encounter.