Darn kids are smarter than I think

So I play hide-and-seek with Sam, Ben, and Coco a lot. And it ALWAYS is divided so that Sam and Ben are on a team, and Coco and I are on a team. Always.

And Sam and Ben always use this to their advantage. They're smart little buggers.

Just last week, we were playing hide-and-seek again. And I, brilliant I, had figured out that if (once hidden) I told Coco "shhhh" and put my finger up to my lips, she'd copy me — she'd put her finger to her lips and say "shhhh." So it worked! We were quiet! We were hidden!


Sam and Ben outsmarted me. They started singing Coco's Night-Night song.

The Night-Night song is what they/I sing to Coco before bedtime and naps. We sing night-night to every member of her family. And lately she's started singing along, which is ZOMG the most adorable thing EVER.

And since Coco now knows how to sing along, Sam and Ben *knew* they could get her to sing if they did. So once Coco and I were well-hidden, Sam and Ben started running through the house singing the Night-Night song.

And I looked at Coco in the dark of the closet where we were hiding and I whispered, "Coco! SHHHHH!" and put my finger to my lips.

And Coco looked at me, grinned, and loudly sang, "NIGHT-NIGHT, BEN!"

And 2.5 seconds later, Sam and Ben busted into the closet where Coco and I were hiding.

And then I put Coco in a permanent time-out. Because that was a GOOD hiding space she gave away. 20-month-olds, I tell you. AND 5- AND 7-YEAR-OLDS.

Next time we play hide-and-seek? I'm hiding BY MYSELF.

*Note: I'M KIDDING. I didn't put the 20-month-old in timeout. I just refused to feed her for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

LMAO i love it!!

Nikki said...

LOL! You are such a great nanny!

Nikki said...
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Sugar Photography said...

This? Is why we adore you.

And ZOMG YES! Her night-night singalong makes me melt every single time.

Thank you for loving my three favorite people the way that you do. XO