Weight pictures week 8


This means several things (excuses, excuses):

1) I've been SLEEPING!!!
2) I've been SNACKING!!!
3) I've been SKIPPING THE GYM!!!

I'm catching up on rest (and feeling 10 million times better, srsly) and doing my part to clear out the junk food in our house so that I can start eating healthy. This means I ate three different kinds of pita chips yesterday. And a quart of chocolate hazelnut gelato. I'm such a martyr.

And re: the gym — I need to call the gym by my house to see how much a summer membership will cost me. I'm saving up for an SLR camera that I'll need for my photojournalism class next semester with any of my non-nanny-job babysitting money. But getting to the gym IS important to me so I'll make do. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things on Monday.

All this to say...well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:


BUT. I have like 1.5 months until I have to go to the beach and ZOH MAH GAH PUT ON A SWIMSUIT.

So, essentially, IT'S CRACK-DOWN TIME, YO.

Let's do this, bitch.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, would you like to be my diet buddy? We can keep each other on track.

Your sister