Two nights before I left DreamSchool, my roommates and I all went out for a final dinner together — celebrating THE END OF THE YEAR PHEW WE SURVIVED *THUD*

(That THUD represents how we all collectively fainted from exhaustion immediately upon finishing our last final/turning in our last paper/submitting our last article online/begging our last professor for an A.)

After we regained consciousness, the 6 of us ventured off to the neighborhood where 5 of us will be living in our new apartment next year. And we found, like, my new favorite restaurant EVER.

Picture this: old, Victorian-style house. Happy yellow walls. Cool middle eastern accents. Windows everywhere, and all open to let the sunshine and cool breeze inside. Delicious, filling, organic, CHEAP food.

Basically? That restaurant is speakin' my name, yo.

And not only was the food delicious, but the company was too. As we sat around sipping our chai or cappucinos, talking about nothing in particular but just enjoying each others' presence, I thought just how lucky I truly am to have these five women in my life.

Love, love, love.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun - enjoy every second!!!

The Sweetheart said...
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The Sweetheart said...

That Sounds So fun