...or not.


I'm back.

The stubborn side of me (the side that has disavowed cheese for the past 16 years) is kicking the weaker side of me for giving in...but the weaker side of me is saying FINALLY! INTERNET! OH, HELLO, LOVER! and also Oh, crap, I have 74,000 tweets and blogs to read. WHIMPER.

So here's how it went.

From Wednesday-Saturday, I did okay. There were times I really enjoyed not having the pull of the internet to lure me away from reading or knitting or playing games. I read 2.5 books in three days (!!!!). It was HEAVEN.

I enjoyed having silence in the car. I thought more than I've thought in, uh, a while (don't judge me). And it was almost a relief to not check Twitter every 2.4 seconds, and instead peruse magazines while I stood in line at the grocery store, or actually pay attention to traffic at stop lights.

I also got so. much. sleep. With no TV or internet to distract me, I was in bed by 10:30 or 11 each night. That? Is A-MAY-ZING for me. It felt SO GOOD.

But on the flip side, it was also much lonelier. I hadn't realized how much I depended on things like Twitter for friendship while I'm in Texas. (It sounds sad: I know. But I follow some really, really amazing people on Twitter.)

I missed checking Twitter one last time before I went to bed, seeing what others were up to. I missed checking blogs as I put on makeup in the morning. I MISSED WATCHING THE OFFICE GAH.


I want to repeat this little experiment once I'm back at school. I think I could last a week then — when I have my friends surrounding me. I also think I may have a modified break from now on — like no Internet or TV after 7 p.m. That way I'll keep my evening reading time.

All in all...this was a good experiment. I loved not being tethered to my phone or computer 24/7 constantly refreshing Twitter and Bloglines. I loved the free reading time. I loved the extra sleep.



Andrea said...

I don't know if I've ever commented you your blog- so I'm popping in now to say I'm very impressed that you lasted as long as you did! I've gone about a week with no internet but I love tv too much to go more than a day or so (and yes, Glee was awesome this week.

Anonymous said...

So now...CHEESE!!!!!!!!

The Nanny said...

Andrea - thanks for the comment! :) and OMG - I've had "I dreamed a dream" on repeat all day. Love love love. My favorite Glee song yet.

Melissa Marois said...

Major kudos to you for trying this out. I wanted to try just a TV free week for my boyfriend and I... our at-home schedules are often dictated by which of "our shows" is on any given night, but I have yet to convince my partner it's a good idea... womp womp.

I also heard from other people who have done this for a whole week, that your dreams become super vivid! With all that sleep, did you have extra vivid dream experiences?


Bethany said...

Every once in a while I go through a stage where I withdraw from the Internet/blogging for a while but it's just like a mini-vacation. It always reminds me how much i love reading books!