I really did things backward by choosing to live in the northeast during the winter and in Texas during the summer.

My mistake.

All I know is that it's only* 87 degrees outside and it's not even fully summer heat-wise and yet I'm lying on the floor drenched in sweat unable to move because the heat is literally stifling me.

*only 87 degrees being not that hot relative to Texas, I mean.

1) I think New England has ruined me.

2) This does not bode well for 100-degree Texas summer days when the heat index makes it approximately 5,430 degrees outside.

3) If you need me, I'll be trying to squeeze my 4'11, 132.5-pound self into the 2 foot tall freezer. That is all.


Erin O. said...

Yes, but think of the warm quilt that will there for you this school year!!!

Anonymous said...

oh i feel for you. i'll be headed that way soon enough. and yes, the north east has (what i call) thickened my blood to survive the winters. lol

The Nanny said...

Erin - sosososososo excited!!

MM - I honestly do think my blood was thickened, thanks to living in New England :) this past cold winter was far better than my first cold winter up there!

Monica H said...

no kidding! It's been about 95 here lately and hot as hell! Don't want to see what August is like. ugh.

Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Anonymous said...

You really do adjust. My first summer in Texas, I genuinely thought I was dying. I mean, I thought I had arrived in HELL. Now going on my 4th summer here, I still hate the heat with a passion, but my body has adjusted so that now I can function.

Likewise, when I went back for my grandfather's funeral after living in Texas and it was 20 something degrees in Rhode Island, I couldn't stop shaking and felt cold all the way to my bones. My relatives thought it was hilarious, because as you know, 20 something degrees is not a huge deal in the winter...just normal cold.

Crazy how the human body adapts!