I'm really not quite sure how I'll survive

So I have made an Executive Decision.

I am going most-electronics-free for ONE WEEK.

This means:

1) No TV
2) No radio
3) No Twitter (GASP)
4) No Internet (ZOMG GASP)
5) No blogging
6) No email
7) No texting
9) I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind completely at this point.

From today (Wednesday, 5/19-Wednesday 5/26), the only thing I'll be using is the telephone feature of my iPhone — and I don't even use that very much.

I am scared silly, y'all. I am so not even kidding.

But I just want to see if I can do this. Go a whole week offline. Force myself to read more, knit more, relax more.

(This also means that there will be no more posts for this week. I KNOW. I'm crying, too.)

(Also, I wrote this post in advance so that this whole no-anything shebang could officially start on Wednesday.)


I'm hoping this week will let me realize that I'm not a) addicted to or b) dependent on those forms of technology to survive. Because reading blogs and Twitter and celebrity-babies.com, blogging, emailing, etc. take up a lot of my time. So I'm going COLD TURKEY for ONE WEEK.


Wish me luck, y'all. I'M GONNA NEED IT.


Anonymous said...

good luck!!

Carla said...

I am delurking just to say... Holy Crap you are a brave chica! I have thought about doing this myself... perhaps I will see how it goes for you first :)

and I want to see who wins Celebrity Apprentice.

Good Luck!

Erin said...

Whoohoooo! You can do it!

I did it for nearly two weeks (minus one time to check my bank account to make sure certain things had gone through), but I was on a boat in the British Virgin Islands, so I don't know how much one would count that.

You are quite brave on the radio front however, it's a staple in my daily commute to and from work!

See you soon online again!

Anonymous said...

I think this is such a great idea and so healthy...but I could not do it. Well, I could if I was on vacation on some tropical island with my family and there was a strong inducement to unplug...but just a regular week in my regular life? *eyetwitch* Fortunately I have an excuse to not be able to unplug (need e-mail/internet for work). Good luck and I'm interested in hearing how it goes.

Amanda said...

You are brave!!! I can walk away from the computer/internet but not my phone. For some in my family, it's the only way they communicate (mainly my sister and brother, my kids aren't old enough to have a phone). I have to have email and internet for work, but once I am done working, I am DONE! I usually unplug on vacation so I know I can do it. Although I like being able to look up the menu to a restaurant before we go somewhere new and/or directions while on vacation. :) Good luck!!!

niobe said...

The horror! The horror!

Anonymous said...

So proud. So jealous. May join you. :)

pithydithy said...

Wow! An admirable idea....I'm impressed! Good luck! (But, errr...you're not checking in to hear that, right?)

Tazim said...

whoa! crazy! I guess you won't get these comments for a few days. reminds me that i should turn off my monitor and go to bed!